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It’s Not Just an App – It’s also an Application Software

What is an app? Well, aside from your fixed mental image of an app being the small touchable squares on your iPhone; an app is a lot more than that. An app, or application, is a computer software that has its own specific task. Apps aren’t only limited to be on phones, but actually you may not have known that even the first and oldest computers had many apps. People like Chad Mureta have pretty much dominated the app software industry, but there are thousands of other app developers that are more or less hidden. There are millions and millions of apps being created and downloaded every single day and is increasing in popularity astoundingly.

Your personal computer has hundreds of apps. No, it probably doesn’t have Telenav or Instagram but it has many others like Internet Explorer, Paint, and Adobe Reader. You probably didn’t count those as apps, but that’s what they are. Some application software can have many platforms like Microsoft Word. While others may have limited platforms like when you find that an app can only be downloaded to your Android or the Blackberry. The killer application is designed specifically for only one platform which increases the desirability of that platform, a very clever tactic of advertisement for both the app and the platform.

Microsoft is officially the leading document software company everywhere in the world and they have many other things to offer. What I am using now is the most popular word processing software called Microsoft Word. It is the most used application out of the many other things that the entire Microsoft Office has to offer. Another leading software is Microsoft PowerPoint, one of the most used software for preparing and displaying presentations in an artistic way. Microsoft Excel is yet another part of the Office package and it provides graphic spreadsheets for tasks anywhere from professional office use to personal financial records.

Microsoft Office is a great example of something that is called an application suite. This is a group of unique applications which are bundled together as one large package to help the user multitask. Currently there are many phone platforms that are creating some parts of the Microsoft Office apps for use in the mobile device like the HTC. While the application suite is only one type of application classification, there are several others such as Enterprise software which is used majorly in a large distributed environment for example, customer relationship management.  There are also others like Departmental software, Enterprise infrastructure software, Information worker software, Content access software, Educational software, Simulation software, and Media development software.

Each one of the mentioned types of software is available on your personal computer but you will not find all of them on mobile apps. Most mobile apps only stick to media and entertainment software, software that you cannot edit. Applications on the computer are a lot more detailed than mobile devices and that is why neither companies like the one responsible for App Empire system or companies like Microsoft should feel defeat. Each one is and always will be in competition but cannot make it very far without the help of one another. A large app system like Chad Mureta’s App Empire undoubtedly provides for the ‘app’ world of smart phones. While on the other hand another large app company like Bill Gates’ Microsoft creates various and exclusive ‘applications’ and provides without a doubt for personal computer users.

Apps are apps whether you think of it as a small square button on your smart phone or whether you think of it as a detailed icon on your desktop. Both are software specially designed for the platform they were made for and millions more are being created with the help of each other.  New app systems like App Empire have definitely changed the aspect of how people look at the word ‘app’, but when the word application is said, another aspect is found. It is extremely interesting what a little fame and a little ignorance can do change one word into two.

Author Bio:-  ElSayed ElAssal is a technology – App Empire lover who works in the internet marketing business with 4 years experience. Currently working on the App Empire review.

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