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i.Sound Portable Power Max Review

Give me pics, give me social, give me tunes, and give them to me anywhere and everywhere. This is the resounding mantra of the common tech user, but there is still one huge issue facing the demand: power. You can’t charge your iPhone at the beach, or juice up your iPad at while you’re out on the town. We continue to add capabilities to our devices – real-time maps, incredible video/picture outputs, instantaneous social sharing and more, but we are forced to settle with less-than-capable batteries. What’s more, our devices tend to lose their charging hold after a period of time, adding more woes to our technology vs. portability dilemma.

The solution? Until battery technology improves (or altogether revolutionizes, depending on who you ask), the answer is portable power.

Enter the iSound Portable Power, an aptly named transportable charging station that not only carries up to 480 hours of power, but also houses 5 separate ports (yep – for 5 separate devices).

iSound Portable Power Max

The Perks

Considering the iSound Portable Power comes with 16,000 mAh of charging capacity, it is a surprisingly small pack of power, measuring 1×3.25×5.75 inches. It features a sleek look and smoothed finish that fits well into virtually any bag, briefcase or purse.

And because the iSound has USB ports, you’ll never have to choose which of your devices deserves the power more. (Hello, multi-tasker!)

The charger works as advertised, as far as capability goes. On our test, we were able to charge 2 different iPads from empty on a single charge with the iSound. With a full charge, this portable charger is more than capable of giving any device the juice it needs to get through your day. Whether it might be an afternoon out and about, or a little extra power to get through a big business meeting, the iSound is a perfect solution for busy people needing that little extra oomph.

The (Minor) Drawbacks

To be honest, it was kind of hard to come up with real drawbacks for this product. It is attractive, works as advertised, and adds a great deal of convenience for any smartphone smarty, tablet fiend, and iPod rocker. We did run into 1 small issue, though.

While the iSound Portable Power Max has utility for 5 USB charging ports, the space between the ports is downright tiny. If you have 5 devices that need charging simultaneously, this could be problematic, especially if the dongles of your USB cords are on the larger side. (Yes, ‘dongle’ is an actual term!) So for those wishing to portably charge 5 different devices, this could present a deal-breaker. All that said, the iSound Portable Power is designed to be an on-the-go solution; the odds that all of your devices would need a portable charge-up at the same time are pretty low. Still, it’s worth considering before you buy, and this wouldn’t be a valid review if we left it out.

The Conclusion

With a retail price set at about $120, the iSound Portable Power Max is definitely not a cheap buy, but for the on-the-go user, it’s well worth the investment.

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  • Andy Wright

    February 3, 2013, 9:55 pm

    Nice review, good looking piece of kit.


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