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Is Your Data Secured- Amid Growing Data Security Concerns in Tech World?

If someone asks you that your sensitive personal information and data is absolutely secured or not, he actually hits the nail on its head as you are sure to reply to his query. You are exposing your data and sensitive information by being careless Are you aware of all the risks and dangers that are inherent in the careless manner in which you tackle all sensitive data and information? This applies especially to all the data that you create and store on your computer’s hard drive. In fact, by not being careful while working on the internet, you are leaving yourself vulnerable and liable to be duped by fraudulent people. Can you afford to take chances in this age and time when there are fraudsters and tricksters ready to take advantage of any weakness on your part when it comes to handling your sensitive personal information? Here I am talking about information such as your passwords, details of credit cards, account details, phone numbers of clients and their details, addresses of your customers, and so on? It does not take time for people with mal-intentions to take advantage of a lowered guard. In other words, the moment you relax or become carefree, you expose yourself to all the dangers by sensitive information hacked from your system.

Various Types of Threats Your Precious Data Can Face

Do not take lightly the process of storage of important data. You are not only at a risk from the myriad viruses, malware and other threats coming from the internet, you also remain vulnerable from hard disc crashes and other causes of corruption of system and the data. One thing that all computer owners need to guard against is giving away their sensitive information and passwords to others. This is seen commonly when a person disposes off his old computer or when he is getting his hard drive changed. It is possible for people with bad intentions to gain access to your sensitive information in your old hard disc and then misuse it to hurt you financially and legally. It becomes easy for fraudsters to dupe you after getting your personal information and data. You can have the shock of your life when you learn that all your money has been withdrawn from your bank accounts and lots of money spent using your credit cards to make you bankrupt in true sense of the word.

Remove All Sensitive Data Properly from Old Hard Disk

Now that you know it is possible to retrieve sensitive and personal information from even a corrupt hard disc as also data that you thought had deleted such as when you have formatted your hard drive, you must adopt safety measures to enhance security of your personal information and other sensitive data. Also, you must make sure that once deleted, the data remains deleted and no one has access to that information by any means.

Most people, when they upgrade to a new system just format their hard drive thinking they have deleted information forever, but it is actually no so. Not all information is wiped through formatting and can be accessed, especially by those hell bent on creating problems for others. With passage of time, advancement in technology has been there in all spheres, even in the world of hacking. It is now possible to retrieve files and recover data from corrupt and old hard drives no longer in use. Though this does not make sense to common, honest people like me and you, this technological advancement in the hands of criminals and fraudsters is bad news for most of us.

Use Proper Software for Wiping Out Data Successfully

However, there is still hope and concrete way to ensure your sensitive information does not fall in the hands of criminals. You can make use of special software called ‘Permanent Data Delete’ which ensures that your hard disc is cleaned like new and there is nothing in it that can be retrieved by fraudulent people. No matter howsoever hard criminals may try, it is impossible to retrieve any information from a hard drive once it has been formatted using this special software. You can live in peace after you have done this and disposed of your old computer system.

Author Bio:- Apart from aforementioned tips to secure your data or to delete it properly after use, you must consider keeping it at secured place where no threat can reach it. For this purpose visit www.storageonline.org so you can read reviews about online storage providers to select one according to your preferences.

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