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Is Yii framework Development Dominating the World?

Yii, usually referred to as “wee”, in its plain definition is a fast, secure and professional PHP framework. This free, open-source web app development framework deciphers your app development process, helping you to build a super-efficient, protractible and easily maintainable product.

Yii Framework

A recent study shows the importance of Yii framework and proves it to have topped the 2012 PHP frameworks. Although there are many other PHP frameworks such as Prado, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony and many more, Yii framework is considered to be a class apart. No doubt all the other frameworks are good as well, however, there is something really special about Yii framework.

This framework is exceptionally brilliant when used for swift developments. Some of the fabulous features of Yii frameworks make it good from all aspects. Mentioned below are some of the popular features of Yii Framework:

  • Yii implements design pattern of MVC (model view controller) –  the most widely adopted web programming pattern.
  • Its complete integration with jQuery enables it to reduce the risk of SQL injection attacks.
  • This framework validates the developer to handle the forms and collect user data.
  • Yii uses PHP unit and Selenium to test the judge the functionality.
  • It has always been a problem when handling errors in a software. However, this Yii has effective error handling functionality.
  • Yii is highly compatible with Zend framework and PEAR for third party coding.
  • It has active security measures, while having artached XSS and CSRF preventions.
  • Yii also allows appropriate management of problems related to web services.
  • It has an in-built authentication and authorization functionality.
  • Yii represents every theme as a directory that contains view and layout files, images, CSS files, JavaScript files and more.
  • The problem of moderating the Cookie can also be handled with the Yii framework effectively.

To talk more about the Yii framework development, it allows two separate views – one being logical and the other presentation view. It really doesn’t matter who the user is, however, if your interest is towards web development, it is better to use Yii framework. There is a dramatic increase in the number of Yii developers only because of the wide platform and amazing alternatives they get here. This also helps the Yii developers to create a highly sophisticated and interactive web design easily.

Lets look at those things that makes this framework so popular.

  1. The MVC architecture allows Yii to makes web development in a systematic manner using neat separation of concerns (SoC).
  2. Yii involves a simple and effortless process of form creating, which is used to take inputs and validate data.
  3. The development process is made easier because of in-built authentication and authorization functionality.
  4. This is one of the most secured frameworks and thus it can protect a website from hackers.
  5. It allows the programmers to eliminate the long, tedious and complex task of noting repetitive queries.
  6. It contains a rich set of AJAX enabled widgets, to enable highly efficient User Interfaces.
  7. You can handle errors in a very simple manner and it is quite easy to save logs systematically.
  8. Programmers can utilize the tools of Yii to generate code rapidly eliminating all the errors.
  9. Yii features enable developers to create innovative solutions for clients.
  10. Yii’s scaffolding features are extremely effective in application development.

Finally, to conclude

All of the above mentioned advantages are absolutely enough to prove that Yii is currently best framework. It is definitely dominating the world today. Furthermore, Yii framework has been helping  programmers and developers to build websites that are not just interactive but also highly refined. This is currently the best framework that can enhance the utility of your website. This is a framework that provides you with everything you need to develop a website that lives up to the mark. Several companies are using this to create amazing websites.

Author Bio:- Ellis M – Digital Marketing Manager of VITEB – leading Web & Mobile Apps Development company having expertise in Yii Application Development, Yii PHP Framework Development and other open source customization.

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