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Is the iPhone still the Market Leader?

While there is a core group of individuals who feel that the iPhone is the only smartphone on the market worth discussing, a growing number of smartphone users are exploring the options being offered by both Android and Windows smartphones. Once upon a time, Apple was the undisputed leader with its iPhone, but more and more companies have taken an aggressive stance at toppling the Apple giant. By all accounts, they are achieving some measure of success.


If the iPhone is not the best smartphone, why do so many people have one? More importantly, why do so many people who don’t have a smartphone want an iPhone? The answer lies at the core of what Apple has managed to do so well through the years – Apple has always been effective at knowing how to market itself to the best advantage.


From the very beginning, Apple has strategically placed itself in a position where it is perceived as being an “elite” brand. This led consumers who might not be able to afford an expensive car, for example, to possess the same smartphone that celebrities owned. In this way, Apple created an atmosphere of being “exclusive.” In advertising, perception is also known as truth.


More and more often, however, consumers are deciding that they want to determine their own reality. In other words, if the smartphone they are using is an iPhone and it has problems with reception, consumers do not want Apple to tell them that the problem isn’t with the phone, but lies in the way they are holding their phone. This problem became known as “Antennaegate,” and actually resulted in consumers looking at other options when it came time to see what other smartphone manufacturers were offering.


By the time that Apple took the competition seriously, the competition had already developed a foothold in the smartphone market. The competition currently comes from two fronts – the Android OS and the Windows OS. While there are other mobile OS smartphones available, their market share is considered to be too small to affect Apple’s bottom line.


By far, the Android mobile OS poses the greatest threat to Apple. It has also landed the most defectors from the Apple camp. Even technology reviewers that were once completely loyal to Apple had to admit that the Android OS smartphones offered some elegant alternatives to Apple’s domination of the market. When the Android OS first debuted, it was not without its bugs and had a lot of problems; however, developers quickly went to work on making it a much more stable and efficient system. As it stands now, many users and reviewers consider the Android OS to be every bit as useful as Apple’s. In fact, certain applications are considered even more useful than any apps that Apple offer.


Windows smartphones were not truly considered to be a threat to Apple until the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 900. This particular smartphone was considered so outstanding by satisfied customers that Siri, the Apple personal assistant designed to provide the most useful data, would list the Nokia Lumia 900 as the “best smartphone available.” Needless to say, Apple engineers quickly went to work to remove that particular answer from Siri’s database.


The key to any smartphone’s success, of course, lies in the number of useful apps available. Apple leads the parade with the most apps, but Android is coming in a fast-moving second. Of course, Windows is trailing far behind, but with the arrival of Windows 8, that can quickly change. Many users prefer to use Android apps, since they are all open source designed, unlike Apple’s apps. In other words, developers can create any Android app desired, while apps created for Apple require approval by Apple itself. This heavy-handedness has caused a great number of defections in the developer universe.

In the end, there is no doubt that Apple has lost its undisputed place as the best smartphone available. At one time, it held the title, but as time has passed, both Android and Windows have made some incredible strides in the smartphone marketplace, while Apple has remained mired in the shade of its former glory. For the first time in years, Apple now finds itself in the position of having to play “catch up” with the competition.

Author Bio:- Jonas Anderson is a freelance tech blogger and writes on behalf of a site that helps you find the right mortgage broker. 

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