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Is The First Link On Search Engine, The Best Choice?

Statistically, 53% out of 100 people end up choosing the first link that pops up when using a search engine. Why is this so? And how is important to be on the forefront of everything? Is it a psychological action? Or is it a statistical error? According to http://www.complete.com when it comes to research on questions established by the market there is a great gap between the two results. This can be of immense attention when looking at the level of information available, its outlook and where it stands in the virtual community.

According to the websites newest study on the ‘tens of millions’ results that are obtained from these search engines in 2011, a few of the market approaches have been deemed insightful. The current statistics show that 85% of the sites were original where as 15% were salaried. As whole 55 search engines have placed ads on around all statistical and non statistical websites.

As a result when studying the links chosen and used from the original advertisements greater than 50% of the people have the habit of choosing the first link. After the first 15% tendency is to click the second link to obtain information. Whereas, 9% is for the third link and 5% for the fourth and the percentage keeps decreasing. The results prove the importance of being on the top and that it is nothing nut a psychological mindset to choose the first link. An analyst comments about this “Since the majority of the vast listings on a SERP (search engine results page) are organic and the majority of the clicks are on the first listing, it is imperative that brand strategy including constantly monitoring the results because of the constantly changing search engine algorithms”.

It’s not just these listings but it has been observed that page listings too have a tendency to perform better when they are at the top of the page. Further study shows that even though 61% of the ads are in paid searches only 13% are clicked. Even though it is a large percentage the difference between the two is quite a lot. Even out of the paid clicks the first link manages to pull in an incredible amount of 59% of the clicks. This shows wherever it is relevant and possible the advertisers make the top of the page the goal for where to place advertisements.

Not only this but the third on the list of the ad block not only increases but also gets double clicks which results in a total sum of 9%. As stated previously in this article that 59% of all the clicks are intentionally the first link as well, this leads to the fact that at the top it looks like you are superior. Therefore, in conclusion the best area where advertisers should paste their advertisements on the World Wide Web is the top of the page.

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  • Nishant Patel

    November 16, 2012, 8:32 pm

    some times it is psychological because people tend to see the first link and click on them and that is how it works most of the times


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