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Is Modern Technology Actually Good For Us While Driving?

Modern technology has made it possible to do all kinds of things you once never thought possible. It has helped to shape and define practically all areas of life, including the way we drive. So, when considering life behind the wheel, has modern technology actually been good for us?

Modern Technology in Cars

Advanced tech replaces basic skills

At one time, you had to really concentrate on the road if you wanted to ensure your safety. These days however, various technological advancements have helped to build impressive car safety systems. There are even cars out there that will step in if a particular sensor is triggered to avoid a crash. As mentioned on Confused.com, the Mercedes E Class has one of the leading safety technologies on-board. It helps you to brake harder in an emergency situation, causing you to stop quicker. A computer takes over the brakes, making it more effective.

The rise of the driverless car

Of course one of the biggest changes in the motoring industry is the introduction and rise of the driverless car. It seems the auto industry is relying upon computers a lot more as time progresses. Driverless cars have recently been trialled and they could hit the mainstream in the not too distant future. This would completely change the way in which we drive.

Lane assist technology

One piece of tech that has improved the overall driving experience is lane assist technology. As featured on the BT website, lane assist can be both a blessing and a curse. As part of cruise control, this technology tells you when you’re drifting outside of your current lane. This is great if you had no idea you were doing it. Some cars don’t just alert you to this either; they also take over the steering for you. It can be argued that this does make your driving experience safer, but there is also a danger that people could become lazy about the need to drive safely.

Altering the driving experience

While modern technology has certainly aided the auto industry, the main group of people it has affected in a negative way are Sportscar owners. It is often reported that Sportscars and hatchbacks aren’t as fun to drive anymore. Safety features tend to cut in early and there’s a definite loss of ‘feel’ while driving. Obviously this isn’t a major problem, but it is something that enthusiasts lament.

Online learning

These days learners can benefit from a whole host of free practice test questions and online resources. The resources available online are not only good for our bank balances as we learn – but are also a handy reference tool to return to once we head out on the open road. Anyone who comes across a sign or road marking they’re unsure of can look it up easily and refresh any parts of their knowledge that becomes rusty.

The advent of the internet has made learner easier, quicker and cheaper and is one way where we can see a clear benefit when it comes to driving.

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  • Steve

    June 4, 2015, 3:00 pm

    Hi, I liked your article here. Although the modern technology has bought a revolutionary change in the tech industry, we still think when it comes to driving & stuff like this. What I mean is for example, Google’s driver less car was a very good invention but when it comes to actual reality nobody wants to try it out by themselves. Human beings are bit skeptical about these things still. There will be early adopters & laggards too but yeah this kind of technology has to prove by itself showing how safe it is about modern technology when it comes to driving.

    Thank You,
    Growth Hacker at http://www.affimity.com


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