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Is It Worth Using WordPress? How Is It Beneficial?

WordPress Tips

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS). It was first created in 2003 and has been subsequently updated on an ongoing basis. Over 30 percent of websites on the internet now use WordPress as their CMS because of its ease of use, plugins, and the wide range of themes that can instantly change a website’s design with a mouse click.

Here are some of the reasons why WordPress might be useful for your projects.

Ever Expanding Eco-System

When asking the question ‘Why Use WordPress?’, it’s an easy one to answer.

The CMS has the largest collection of plugins offering add-on features that would take weeks or months to create. Many plugins are free while others have a Pro version with additional features for a one-off or yearly fee.

Many Companies Support WordPress

Whether you want to hook into the Amazon API to look up a product, connect to an AWeber mail account to add new subscribers or add a fancy looking table with products, prices, and specifications, there’s a plugin already developed that will do just that. No other CMS has the support of so many companies because almost one-third of internet sites already use it.

Open Source & Profitable

The team behind WordPress – Automattic – operate the CMS as open source. The company is profitable because it provides premium services to corporations, which ensures WordPress is here to stay. They’re also completely remote to keep operating costs down.

Easy to Install and Update

Installing WordPress on most web hosting packages is fast and simple. When they have the Softaculous Apps Installer setup, it’s almost completely hands-off. You only need to enter some basic information including security details and the CMS is installed in under a minute. Then it’s ready to use.

Version 5 Just Got Even Better

WordPress just updated to Version 5 in the last week or so, making it much better than alternatives like Wix. This includes their revamped visual editor, Gutenberg. For the first time, users can visually create web pages within the editor without needing a third-party plugin to do so. This opens the doors to creating custom home pages and landing pages for increasing sales.

Web Designer Not Needed for Content Updates

For companies that dislike having to pay a third-party web developer every time they need to add a page or make minor changes, WordPress is a great fit. There are only a few steps to run through to create a new page on a site.

Learning to create new links on a page or adding a replacement image are tasks that anyone can learn how to do. It takes seconds to complete and returns website editing and content publishing back into the hands of the site owner.

WordPress Specialist Web Hosting

WordPress users can go with a dedicated WordPress-only web hosting company or one that has custom hosting solutions for WordPress. Both are solid options and superior to a generic web hosting package on a server not optimized for the CMS.

For many website users, once they start using WordPress, they stick with it. The learning curve is minimal and there are tons of people online to help if you get stuck.

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