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Is it Time to Switch to a Mobile Workforce?

Mobile workforces are on the rise. The growth and refinement of the internet, and the technological explosion over the last decade, have transformed British commerce and working practices, creating an employment culture that would never have been possible before.

When it’s as easy and simple to work from your living room as it is to knuckle down in an office, this raises one very important question: what role remains for bricks-and-mortar workplaces and a static workforce?

A brilliant article by London Executive offices explored exactly this issue, and some of the points raised provide some real food for thought. With 84 per cent of companies claiming that incorporating mobile applications into business practices increased overall productivity, one might well argue that the future is firmly fixed outside of offices…

Mobile Workforce

Where has the Idea of the Mobile Workforce Emerged From?

 Considering the internet culture of generation Y, this evolution of British employment practices should come as little surprise. In an era defined by technology, where shopping, dating, communicating, and more are all performed with the invaluable contribution of a suitable application, it was only a matter of time before the latest inventions opened up a whole new world of working.

In a sense, this has actually increased the amount that people work. No longer are employees confined by the rigid hours of a traditional workday: emails and cloud technology mean that professional pressures can extend long into the evening.

But such an extra impetus to perform should surely be rewarded with an increased flexibility, and it is this that generation Y is seeking. When work can as easily be done from home as it can from the office, young professionals want a reward for their dedication to the job – and going mobile is often just what they’re looking for.

How Can Going Mobile Benefit Your Business

 Although it may be an idea touted by your employees rather than your management team, going mobile is well worth considering, for it’s not only your staff that will benefit. Job satisfaction is, in itself, a boon, as a contented workforce is a productive and loyal workforce.

However, there are benefits beyond this obvious increase in employee satisfaction, and first and foremost amongst them is reduced costs. The less workers there are in your office, the smaller the premises you’ll require, and the less that you’ll have to pay to rent or buy them.

When this cost saving effect is combined with the 84 per cent growth reported by mobile workforce employers, and the attendant revenue boost, your profit margins should experience a sizeable increase – which is good news all around.

Turn your workforce on its head today and see how your business benefits.

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