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Is it possible to combine Blogging, SEO, Social Media and Technology- Yes absolutely

We have entered the era where all of these things can be combined quite elegantly, to help maintain a high-ranking website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a set of rules you can follow to ensure that your website ranks higher on a search engines results pages. Here are the ways that all four elements may be used to rank your website higher up the search engines results pages.

Blogging + SEO

Blogging is currently one of the best ways of elevating website it is hosted upon. Even if you do not have your blog integrated into your own site, you can enjoy significant SEO benefits if you link from it.

Social Media + SEO

Google have finally changed their algorithm so that a small percentage of your PageRank may be decided by social media. Social media markers are things such as:

*      Comments on your website

*      Facebook “Likes”

*      People following the social-media profile associated with your website

*      People linking to your website from their social-media profiles

*      People sharing the parts of your websites content

*      People sharing parts or all of content from you associated social-media profile.

These are known as social media markers, and if your website starts to receive them then Google will rank your website/web pages a little higher.

Blogging + Social media + SEO

Integrating your blog with social media has never been easier. There are widgets, buttons and links that you can add to your blog which enable you to drive traffic gain and maintain social media markers. You are also able to promote your blog on social media by showing people sneak previews of your newest posts. You can drive traffic from your blog onto your social media site, and drive traffic from your social media site to your blog, thereby increasing the traffic on both. The increased traffic will have a bigger SEO benefit for your related website. You are also more likely to draw additional direct traffic from both your blog and your social media site.

Blogging + SEO + Social Media + Technology

How can these four be put together? With three little words: frequency, organization and engagement. If you answer the comments on your social-media profile and on your blog then you will get more repeat traffic. It also counts as a page update (which is great for SEO). With a Smartphone or tablet device, you are able to respond to comments throughout the day, because you can take those devices with you. If you frequently reply to comments and update your profiles during the day then there are bigger SEO rewards, and you will stimulate more comments and therefore more traffic. This is where technology may help you increase you comment frequency. It also increases the amount of user engagement with your blog and social-media profile.

There are apps on Smartphones and tablets that will allow you to organize your blog and social media posts. There are apps that allow you to post the same content over multiple platforms with just one click. There are also apps that allow you to write and store blog/social media posts, and it will post them at a certain time each week for you. This is how technology may help you organize your blog and social media efforts.

There are apps on Smartphones and tablets that allow you to check the status of your websites, blogs, and social medias SEO. They allow you to analyze on-page and off-page SEO. There are apps that help you improve your SEO efforts, and apps that will do some of your website/blog/social-media profile’s SEO for you. For example there are apps that will automatically add links into your blog, and keywords into your websites Meta tags. This is how technology, SEO, blogging and Social media may all work together in order to get your website ranked higher up search engine results pages, and how they can work together to get you more traffic.

Author Bio:-Maggie Warren is a news article writer, who enjoys a great technology based writing career. She spends her leisure time writing articles about modern technology and SEO.You can visit here at http://www.grammarbase.com/

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