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Is Google Dabbling Across Too Many Areas?

How long would it take to list all the products that Google makes? Google has produced countless diverse products and initiated many far flung projects, some of which were never completed.

Google Web Search World Famous

Google’s main offering, web search, has been the bell ringer for the company. Modern vernacular has turned “google” into a verb. “Google it” is a household phrase.

A Huge Slice of the Market Pie

Chrome, Google’s web browser, dominates market share surpassing both Firefox and Internet Explorer. With wildly successful web search and web browser products, Google has a strong hold on accessing the Internet. Google also owns media company YouTube, photo application Picasa, and social media platform Google+, all highly popular products. Google Inc. has changed our lives. Other popular products include Gmail, one of the most widely used email platforms, Google Docs, a collaborative text, presentation, and spreadsheet editor, and Google Maps and Google Earth, killer geography focused services. Google stepped into cloud services with Google Drive, a storage solution, Chrome OS, a cloud-hosted operating system for computers, and recently into cloud enterprise solutions with its new Compute Engine. It appears that Google is trying to be all things to all web users. Android Highlights Google’s Diversified Portfolio Google stepped into the phone industry through the purchase of mobile phone operating system market share leader Android, as well as phone maker Motorola Mobility. Google TV software, Nexus Q media streamer, Google Glasses – a new self-driving car technology, Google Offers, and Google Wallet all stem from Google’s desire to diversify its products among multiple industries.

Google Failures Come From Being Spread Too Thinly

With over 54,000 employees, Google is a giant of a company whose resources are likely spread too thinly, due to their vast array of multi-industry products and services. Without a central focus, Google risks making lesser quality products in exchange for a broader reach. Low-quality products typically end in failure, such as Google Buzz, their first social-networking tool, which resulted in a PR disaster for Google. So much criticism poured in from angry users and unimpressed tech analysts that they shut it down less than two years after its launch. By not focusing on core areas, Buzz failed. If Google had been more focused, they would have released Google+ sooner and escaped the flaws of Buzz. In the technology world, many experts view some of Google’s products as “half-baked” in that they are released too early. This loss of value is damaging to a company as large as Google. Google Labs was a playground for Google employees to work on new and interesting projects. With so many diverse and scattered projects, they finally discontinued the work section as it was a major distraction for their work force. With a multi-channeled presence in its customer’s lives, Google’s image has become confusing to consumers.

The Goliath is Growing

What was once just a search company has reached into all areas of our lives including phones, computers, cars, TV, and wallets. Some of these forays have been extremely successful for Google, but without a central focus, Google could be passing up an opportunity to remain the world’s leader in Internet technologies, a pioneer, and a dynamic change agent for how we access and process information. Rather, Google runs the risk of exchanging supremacy in a few technologies for dabbling in too many attention shifting products that will earn a few bucks but not change the world.

Author Bio:- This article was composed by Ty Whitworth for the team at online review management.

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