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Is Fragmentation Really a Serious Issue?

Mobile fragmentation is a hot issue these days. It is getting to much discussion and attentions in the mobile world. So what actually mobile fragmentation is? This term belongs to mobile application development and mobile platforms. It’s all the about inability of building a single app that can run across all devices. It’s about diversification in the mobile phone industry that is making the app builders incapacitated to build a single app for different devices or operating systems.

Many analysts gauge it in terms of diverse OSes and argue that why can’t an app be run on all smartphone whether it is powered by iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Others see mobile fragmentation in terms of diverse brands and express their sympathy for the inability of users to decide a mobile brand. Nokia for instance dominates 70% Indian mobile market. It further dominates in the U.K. and much of Europe but in the U.S.A and Japan, Nokia does not even features among top three manufacturers. It’s call brand fragmentation.

This straightforward perception of analysts forces devs to see massive disaster in mobile industry. But, is this issue really that serious? There are strong supporters of fragmentation and they say it a common and uncontrollable thing. It is a natural product of globally diverse market. Some people say that fragmentation is an overly discussed issue or a hypothetical state whereas nobody can control it. They say that fragmentation is a part of healthy competition and the only reason of growth and success.

On the other hand, the allies of defragmentation have already begun search for potential methods to fill the gaps that are causing fragmentation. Well, their disagreements appear to be fairly reasonable because how long developers can build and optimize apps for an OS, for instance Google’ Android, which runs on more than 1,443 types of devices.

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