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Is E-mail a Powerful Marketing Tool?

Every now and then people that are not associated with any marketing industry or accustomed with email marketing ask me what they do to make a decent living. I usually brief these people about the functioning of permission-based marketing after which they begin to understand that they have subscribed to receive at least a particular type of standard email communication from a company without being aware of that it was an ‘email marketing’. At that very instant I tend to turn my back on those people leaving them in a shocking state.

“Email is the fastest, most flexible, cost-efficient, targeted or more personalized communication medium in the world today.”—Peppers & Rogers Group

While there are quite a number of benefits associated with email marketing, over the period of time commercial email marketing has acquired its rational share of abuse. Nonetheless, it still stands for the most cost-effective marketing tool and the best way to build one-to-one communication relationships. Still there are many that are trying to catch onto the real benefits with email marketing. Innumerable organizations, no matter how big or small they are, have managed to explore the real potentials of email marketing so as to uphold a relevant communication with their clients or customers.

According to a rough estimate email marketing spending is expected to catch $2.1 billion by the end of this year. With 94% marketers and 97% consumers using email, email marketing is more likely to achieve this hallmark undoubtedly.

Let me tell you the essential ingredients that are behind the real success of email marketing.

You Get Out More Than You Put In

According to a latest research, you can assume an expected return of $46 for each dollar you pay out on email marketing. If you’re not convinced then perhaps check out the next one: amongst all the other online marketing strategies email marketing serves the greatest return on investment (ROI). Besides, as I pointed out, this type of internet marketing is really a cost-effective program thereby fear of spending thousands of dollars do not apply here. Surely, you can set up a small business together with a highly developed email method as you proceed. Email newsletter is the simplest method to build relationships with clients and still it delivers the highest ROI, therefore, at a minimum you can employ this strategy to make others believe your online presence. There are endless options to proceed from there.

Anyone Can Benefit From It

The widespread flexibility of email marketing is another prime benefit. With its low costs and quick accessibility email marketing has turned out to be the handiest method of approaching customers. Putting it this way, email marketing flattens the playing field among different ventures. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small business or the owner of a big business; you can draw on the benefits of email marketing just the same. There might be few companies that do not have enough money to invest in huge advertising campaigns, but almost everyone can come up with a sophisticated email marketing program undeniably.

It Helps You Connect With Customers

Now should I not discuss the brand reliability? I don’t know how many efforts are you exerting to remain intact your loyal customers with your recognized product or a brand? Neither do I know whether it’s working for you or not.

Email is an exceptional source of marketing your product or brand. One usual blooper, however, marketers often commits is that they don’t take email as a relationship medium. Nevertheless, in order to achieve your most wanted results perhaps you should consider devising a proper marketing plan or strategy instead of sending emails randomly. The pundits of online marketing hold that you need to employ it over time to widen long-term relationships. Email marketing enables you to convey relevant messages to the concerned individuals with respect to their interests. Besides, you can also prioritise your messages according to the wishes of your customers.

It Can Be Very Targeted

Email marketing allows you to target your audience on the basis of gender, age, and interest hence you can even make a selective and more importantly related email marketing campaigns. Besides, it facilitates you to tailor your messages and send it to the discrete audience while offering them a relevant content that coincides with their profiles.

Author Bio:- Waleed is a Freelance Writer and Blogger and I’m a self confessed web content geek who offers freelance writing guidelines such as how to apply for jobs, how to write cover letters so on. I’m a huge fan of freelance writing and offers a bunch of writing tips for freelancers on my blog.

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