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Is Apple TV The Next Member To Get The Retina Display?

Apple Retina Television (not to be confused with the Apple TV, which is an in-house developed digital set-up box and media receiver that’s programmed to play digital content from a Windows or Mac OS to a HD widescreen television) is all set to revolutionize the home entertainment and television industry. Apple Retina Television will create a similar impact like Apple did to the smartphone market.

The MacBook Pro may be classified as outdated, but that does not hamper Apple from still producing the iMac, which comes in two sizes, the 21.5 inch and the 27 inch screen. Now, a Retina Display that comes in either of these sizes with the Apple TV (setup box) would be awesome, but then there is tomorrow, where it is rumored that Apple is getting ready to release their first television set. Just visualize the possibility of a fifty inch Retina Display Television hanging on your walls. Market experts say that Apple Retina Television is the sign of things to come.

However, it could take a long time, before this becomes a reality. Market experts feel that if they are to bring out a TV, which has the Retina Display function on a screen size of at least 50 inches, then the price for that TV could be more than $25,000. An Apple Retina Display television would certainly be classified as a luxury item.  Trip Chowdhry, Managing Director at Global Equities Research indicated that a Retina Display Television could come out in the next five to six years and the chances are over that period of time, the prices of these displays will also come down. He also added that it is impossible to have a 50 inch Retina Display Television priced at $2,000 at the moment.

Currently a 15.4 inch MacBook Pro costs around $3000 and is about $1000 more than a HD version. Hence, for a screen that is about three and a half times the MacBook Pro’s size, the price would be staggering. It is obvious that the Apple Retina Television will be more than the average smart television with features that include the A6 processor and voice controls handled by Siri. Trip Chowdhury also added that the $25,000 price is only an assumption, and if the product was to be launched today, it could be closer to $50,000. However, Apple has not divulged any info on the cost of any probable Retina Display Television.

Industry reports have also indicated that the MacBook Pro with Retina Display is $400 more expensive than the standard 15-inch model. However, Apple maintains that the cause for the price increase is not the Retina Display feature as the MacBook Pro comes with a 256 GB SSD in addition to the higher resolution display. Hence, the possibility of an Apple Retina Television costing $25,000 is out of the question.

Market sources say that the cost of the Retina Television grows exponentially and it might become viable range around 2017 with a price of around $4,000. Whatever said, Apple will certainly take control of the luxury living room entertainment devices if it does come out with a Retina Display Television.

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