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Is Apple Losing Its Touch?

I can’t have been the only one to hear about the death of Steve Jobs, and wondered whether Apple’s remarkable winning streak would continue. Jobs after all seemed instrumental to the firm. He was renowned for the dictatorial levels of control he wielded over its running, as well as his fanatical attention to detail. Unlike firms such as Facebook or Google that are renowned for encouraging employee creativity, Jobs treated workers like cogs in his machine. Would Apple continue to prosper without his magic touch?

Reports from publications including The Economist this week suggest not. They point to a recent debacle regarding the launch of the latest iPhone in China, as well as protests regarding the treatment of workers at its production plant in Foxconn. In the New York Times meanwhile, this blog post describes the dangerous conditions workers at Foxconn face. Some commentators feel this could be a seminal moment for Apple, akin to the sweatshop scandal that did huge damage to Nike’s reputation in the 90s.

So is this the beginning of the end for Apple? For me, it is hard to judge. Jobs did seem to have a magic touch, but on the other hand without knowing the inside workings of Apple, it’s tough to say how influential he actually was. Can one man be so important in a corporation of thousands? What do you think? Is Apple’s good luck streak about to end, or are these recent headlines just teething problems as it adjusts to life without Steve?

Author Bio:- Peter is dealer a foreign exchange specialist Pure FX. He does not own an iPod or iPad, but thinks Apple as a corporation is very interesting.

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