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Is an iPad Enough Computer for a College Student?

Apple has released some truly amazing products so it is no wonder that they are currently one of the wealthiest companies in the world. One of these famous products is their genius iPad, which has become extremely popular. The iPad is a tablet version of a computer, which makes it easier to carry around and hold on your lap. It has out-shone every other tablet out on the market today, which it should due to its high price. Even though the iPad is an amazing device, is it able to handle the needs of an average college student? Let’s find out!

Typing Assignments

There are various word processors available for download within the app store on the iPad. While these word processors may be good, and some are even compatible with Microsoft Word, it is not the actually word processor that many people find trouble with. As is instantly obvious when taking your first glance at the iPad, it lacks one important feature: a keyboard. Apple makes up for this by placing a touch screen keyboard that can be used while typing on the iPad, but as many have found out, this can actually be a hassle. It is too easy to slide your finger and type a wrong letter or mess up on a word while using a touch screen keyboard. It also smudges up the screen, making it look extremely used. However, there is a solution that fixes this problem, but it will cost you extra. You can buy a keyboard that hooks up to your iPad that allows you to type. So without the keyboard the iPad is not recommended for college students, but with the keyboard it passes the first test.

Processing Power

The iPad 2 wields a powerful 1-GHz A4 processor, which is ten times as fast as the one in the original iPad. This processor was not only designed to be fast to eliminate waiting times, but it is energy-efficient as well. It does not use a lot of power so that your iPad’s battery can last longer while on the move. This processor is as fast, if not faster, than most processors available in the average computer. Its only downfall is the fact that it was only made to run one app at a time, so running multiple apps can sometimes be problematic. So as long as you only have the need to work on one thing at a time, or two at the most, this processor should suit your college needs. The iPad passes the second test as well.

Internet Browser

Every college student needs a good internet browser to allow them to watch lessons online or quickly submit an assignment with seconds to spare, or of course, for entertainment purposes. While the iPad does come with a pretty good standard internet browser, you do have the ability to download other browsers that fit your preference in the app store. For this reason, the iPad passes the third and final test.

So yes, the iPad does make a great substitute for a computer. While some may still prefer a standard laptop, some more adventurous students may prefer the iPad. It’s a different computing experience, but the iPad is definitely a great device for any college student.

Author Bio:- Tanya Mitchell is a tech-savvy part time writer and nurse earning her masters in nursing informatics online.

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