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Is 3D Television Here To Stay?

When 3D movies first burst into existence in the 1950s, audiences adorned with green and red spectacles flocked in their thousands to see the latest cinematic creations at movie theaters across America.

In 2010, 3D television was brought to our homes through 3D-enabled televisions. Cue some rather bulky glasses and the ability to watch our favorite films in full 3D whilst sitting on our sofas.

Later the same year, the first glasses-free 3D experience was planned by Toshiba and it was brought into the market in 2011. By 2015, the company hopes to make their glasses-free television open to the mass market.

So will 3D television truly catch on to become a must-have technological advancement seen in all our homes?


When the notion of 3D television was introduced, there was certainly a buzz in the tech world. Although the ability to watch 3D television in the comfort of our own home is relatively new, it is now a major consideration when buying a new television. It’s incredibly impressive that the technology caught on so quickly, and only 2 years after the introduction of the technology it is already so popular across the globe and further enhancements have already been made with regards to glasses-free television.

Expense and availability

3D televisions are available from as little as £150/$220, although this price range will quite understandably reduce the quality of the television you’ll get for your money. Some 3D TVs cost over £10,000/$15,000, which is an incredibly high price tag. However, the fact that you can buy 3D televisions for as little as £130 (ignoring quality in this sense) just proves that the technology is becoming more and more within the reach of the masses of people – at least in the developed world.

Just a fad or paving the way?

You’ve got to admit, 3D television is pretty impressive. It’s certainly not merely another form of a console or a new version of a digital camera. Instead, it deserves its place as a popular technological advancement of the 21st century.

3D TV could go two ways; remain at the popular position it currently holds in our technological world, or continue to grow and evolve to fit ever-changing needs and ideals in the tech community. I predict the latter will happen…watch this space.

Author Bio:- This article is contributed by Amy. Amy writes for leading prescription glasses online retailer Direct Sight.

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