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IPS, Retina, AMOLED: Displays are the Name of the Pad Game in 2012

“Just how many cracked screens do you have in your closet? Hmmmm.” It’s the new Lucy to Charlie Brown question for the digital age. Luckily 2012 is issuing in a new round of screen technology that may just be exciting enough to buy.

Still the Apple of My Eye?

The much rumored and anticipated iPad non-glare displays seem to still be on the shelf this year. Long in development, a non-glare color touch screen is a real game changer for portable devices. However, before glory there is always waiting.

It seems that Apple is trying to get the longest run possible out of the glare ridden Apple iPad 2. The consensus is that Apple will debut a 7-inch size in 2012 in addition to a new beefier 9-inch iPad3. According to the Wall Street Journal (relying on sources out of Taipei) a new iPad 3 with a high-resolution display (2048 X 1536, roughly double of the current model) should hit shelves in March.

Flexible AMOLED Displays: My Dog Thought My Phone Was a Squeaky Toy

AMOLED displays are extremely cool because they use less energy and this means larger screens with longer battery life. Flexible AMOLED displays are lighter and thinner and they will start to appear this year on the new Samsung flexible phone, the Galaxy Skin, as well as on Verizon’s new Samsung Galaxy tablet 7.7 sporting 4G and an ultra thin design (7.9 millimeters). Depending on the price point this new Samsung tablet could get significant traction in the tablet market. According to Samsung the screens of the new Galaxy Skin are hammer proof. The flexible AMOLED screen technology probably finds it’s best future outside of the traditional flat screen market in everything from kitchen appliances to children’s toys. AMOLED adaptation will be determined by the ability to prevent the rapid disintegration of the screens- a problem that has hampered AMOLED since its inception.

We all Scream for Ice Cream: Eee Pad MeMo

What’s not to like about the announcement for the new Ice Cream Sandwich driven ASUS Eee Pad MeMo ME370& 7-inch Tablet? Except why would anyone want one? Sporting an IPS display at a resolution of 1280X800 and a dual core processor, the Eee Pad MeMO is going to ship out at under a pound this year running Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich. The head scratching part is the awkward inclusion of a stylus. Moreover, the 7-inch size is purse possible but pocket awkward.

For consumers the real questions related to tablets are: price, productivity and convenience. In 2012 there may be enough devices on the market to significantly reduce the price of these portable devices and make them very attractive.

Where the new Pad displays may find significant sticking power is in the business side of any marketing department. Those extra pixels and beautiful displays may really pack the needed punch when trying to sell a $54,000 car…

Author Bio:- Jen Thames is Brand Manager for UglyCable, Australia’s premiere source for LED wall mounts. You can use my picture, which I have attached as well.

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