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iPhone7 Cases: Funky, functional, High-Tech?

iPhone 7 Cases

“What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So, we’re going to reinvent the phone.” – Steve Jobs

Have you just taken delivery of a brand new iPhone7? Wow! This phone is a fantastic example of design mastery coupled with superior functionality. What more could anyone want in a phone? The iPhone7, as with many modern smartphones is transcending the gap between the phone and a small laptop or tablet. Therefore, I believe it is important to protect your investment from as much damage as possible.

The next step is to source one, or more cases for your iPhone. Why? Well, most cases are designed to protect your phone as well as look good. You would have spent a fairly large sum of money to purchase your new iPhone7; therefore, it is important to protect it from being damaged as far as you possibly can.

Mobile phone case design

iPhone case manufactures spend a lot of time looking at customer feedback, the latest protective technologies, and industrial design trends when they are brainstorming ways to design their latest phone case. In a nutshell, their aim is to produce a product that meets its stated functionality, will entice their customers into purchasing the product, as well as stretching the industrial design boundaries.

Choosing a case

Your final purchase boils down to what you want your iPhone7 case to look like as well as its functionality. Does it need to protect your phone against damage as a result of being dropped or having liquid spilt on it? Does the case need to compliment your sense of fashion, or are you interested in procuring a high-tech case that mimics the current industrial design trends?

My understanding of the iPhone7 case industry is that there are three types of iPhone cases: high-tech designs, functional, and high-fashion. You will also find combinations of these types of cases. For example, you might find a case that is designed and manufactured using the latest shock-absorbing materials, and it has a modern, funky pattern printed on it.

Another important point to consider is the price of the case you are considering buying. The case might be designed to mimic the latest industrial design trends; ergo, it might look fantastic. However, it might be very expensive. What do you do? The answer to this question is to determine your maximum budget before you start looking for phone cases. In this way, you can exclude cases that are out of your price range before you start taking a closer look at the various options.

Final words

As part of the purchase process, you need to decide what your phone case’s primary function will be. Do you want it to protect your phone, or do you want a stylish phone cover? I believe that an iPhone’s case’s primary role is to protect the phone from being damaged should it be dropped etc. In other words, I would purchase a phone case based on its protective ability. The aesthetics would come second. However, these are my priorities. What will your choices be?

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