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iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry: Which Smartphone is Best for Apps?

In a tech world which features multiple smartphone platforms, it can be tricky to decide which is the best platform for you. This is especially difficult if you have never owned a smartphone before. However, there are plenty of aspects of each option out there that you should consider. The most popular platforms are Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry and Google’s Android. Before the iPhone was unveiled in June 2007, the BlackBerry was the world’s most popular mobile phone and was king. Android, on the other hand, seemed to skyrocket overnight as it became available on all networks and boasts multiple phones from different manufacturers. Whichever platform you lean toward, the one feature that all smartphone owners should deem extremely important is apps.

Apps for Different Categories

There are a number of apps you can download for each one of the respective platforms. These range from a wide variety of topics, including finance, games, productivity, navigation, reference, social networking, education, business and more. All of these categories can be found at Apple’s App Store, Android’s Google Play and BlackBerry App World.

iPhone Apps: Quality and Quantity

In terms of quality apps, the iPhone has the edge. Apple’s App Store also boasts the greatest number of apps at around 500,000, so they have the edge on quantity as well. At the same time, Android’s Google Play has just slightly less apps at around 450,000, but they have more that are free. This as well as the more inexpensive prices of the choices of phones that run the operating system are often determining factors in users opting for an Android powered smartphone. BlackBerry, on the other hand, has only around 100,000 apps on BlackBerry App World, but many of them are deemed as useless and nowhere near as comprehensive as those you can find the iPhone or Android devices.

Essential Apps are Across the Board

Overall, you will be able to find all of the most essential apps on all three platforms’ marketplaces. These include social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook and Skype, Google related apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search and Google Voice, finance apps like Lemon.com, Mint.com and PayPal as well as many others. BlackBerry is not a particularly game heavy platform, so if you are looking for all the classic favorites such as Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Plants vs Zombies or Fruit Ninja, you are better off with an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

Better App Experience on Touchscreen Phones

Many of the apps are better when used on a touchscreen phone as well, which contributes to both iPhone and Android having the edge over BlackBerry. The larger screen makes for a much better experience both visually and hands on. Of course, it also depends on which phone you are using as when considering Android, there are many phones that are not the best quality. Cheaper devices have smaller screens that do not have a great screen resolution, with colors that may not be true, such as blacks not appearing truly black but a dark, washed out gray. This also lessens the experience a user will have using certain apps.

iPhone Wins

Essentially, however, in the end, the iPhone wins the apps war. As previously stated, there are more apps in the App Store than anywhere else and they are quality apps. Many of those that you have to pay for are also available in free versions. Another reason the iPhone is the greatest phone for apps is because all apps that get accepted by the App Store go through extensive scanning for malware, which does not happen with Android apps.

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