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iPhone vs. Android – Decision-Making Comparison Guide For Smartphone Hunters

Gone are the days when Blackberry was occupying the smartphone market with elite class seriously inclined towards that gadget. At present, Blackberry has just 4.3% market share out of the total in smartphone niche. If Blackberry users will be asked about the comfort level with their smartphone, the answer would be like they want a change. They prefer to go for devices offered by Google and Apple using Android and iOS respectively.

Android is not a phone, but an operating system of Google that supports many devices of HTC, Motorolla, and Samsung. Galaxy S III by Samsung is at top of the list with Android software. Making a choice between iPhone and Android needs wise decision-making and the lines below will surely help you out.

Considering ‘You’ While Deciding

Some users are of the opinion that iPhone is a better option only for those who prefer hassle free products while Android is the choice of ‘geeks in trenches’. The Android guys want to customize their devices while digging deep into the phones. While deciding about any smartphone, users think about popularity, features, appearance, and applications. These factor will be discussed in detail in the lines below.

The Popularity Factor – Influencing The Smartphone Decision

According to the market stats, iPhone holds 14.9% market share and Android holds 75%. Smaller portions are shared by Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, and Linux. However, market share doesn’t tell which phone type is better than the other.

When it comes to market share, Android gained 17.5% during last year whereas iPhone gained 1.1%. The larger share of Android is due to the fact that it has been used in larger numbers of devices. iPhone has its own hardcore fans who don’t give a single chance to let the choice be compromised. However, decision makers do consider these numbers while preferring one device over the other.

Apps – The Juice To Extract

Noone can think of a smartphone without apps. Apps make life easier and help users to make best out of their device. Apps are considered as the core of any OS. Both Apple and Google have their stores to help users buy apps. App Store of Apple and Play Store of Google are having more than 700,000 apps, according to current stats.

Android is an open source platform that gives it an edge over the pricey Apple. However, it’s true that giant developing companies go for the paid option at first before looking at the free choices when it comes to releasing the paid apps.

Other than apps related to notes, calender, music, camera, there are some basic apps provided by both platforms.

  • Voice Assistants

Android has S-Voice app (used in Samsung Galaxy S III) and iPhone has Siri. In comparison, Siri is much better than S-Voice app. Robin is one free app for Android phones that competes well with Siri. Google has also launched an app to help iPhone users in searching.

  • Maps Help

Google Maps are established for the efficient working, whereas, Apple Maps still need improvement. Google’s Street View is excellent in the Maps, which isn’t provided in Apple Maps.

  • Email Facility

Both Android and iPhone provide the users with facility of receiving and sending emails through personal or corporate email accounts. Corporate email accounts need Activesync and Android users are mostly having problesm in connectivity. However, iPhone users also have to face sometimes the Active Directory Password issue, as when it’s changed, user will have to power off the phone.

  • Browser Options

iPhone uses Safari and Android uses Google Chrome. Both work well on touch screens. Android also has Adobe Flash, which gives it an edge over iPhone.

Unique Apps Of Apple

Apple offers unique apps to its users in iPhone like

  • Face Time to support video calls
  • Shared Photo Stream to support picture sharing and syncing
  • Passbook to support boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, etc.
  • iWork supporting working in numbers, pages, keynotes. It’s just an alternative of MS office.

Apple demands iTunes to manage media files and software, which is considered as difficult by some users and there are incidents of failure in synchronizing certain videos, as reported by users. The good thing about iTunes is its presence since long and the exclusive content it has.

Unique Apps Of Android

  • Google Docs, replaced by Google Drive
  • Widgets (missing in iPhone)
  • Google+

Features – Basing The Decision On Functionalities

There are many features, common between both the devices like file sharing between phones, notification and alert customization, text reading, icons arrangement, and scrolling a page with tap or touch.

Features Of iPhone 5

  • Efficient OS with common interface (as that of other Apple products)
  • Quick loading of apps
  • Ratina display
  • Video sending facility through email
  • Find my iphone function
  • Filtering emails to create VIP folders
  • iCloud synchronization
  • Different storage capacities (16, 32, 64GB)
  • Enhanced call quality

Features Of Android

  • Different OS (Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Jelly Bean)
  • Better battery life than iPhone
  • Easy to customize options
  • Some models have MicroSD slot
  • Removable battery to facilitate use of spare battery
  • Variety of App Stores
  • Multitasking
  • Email attachment of any kind
  • Micro USB port
  • Stunning appearance
  • Keyboard, mouse and USB, all can be hooked up

As far as appearance of the devices is concerned in terms of height, width, thickness, size, and weight, it all depends on the user.

Concluding the discussion, choice of a smartphone depends on the available options. Google search can help a lot in knowing the best and worst things about iPhone and Android and then making a decision accordingly. Android has 4 options for carriers; AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Apple doesn’t have contract with T-Mobile so iPhone 5 needs unlock iPhone 4s software to use it with T-Mobile as carrier.

If you want to test Android OS, then there are emulators available online, which will help you to use OS and install apps to actually experience the environment. On the other hand, iPhone doesn’t have any emulator so far.

Are you thinking, you should say goodbye to blackberry and try either iPhone 5 or Samsung’s Galaxy S III? It would be hard to choose which device is the best, but it all depends on your preferences. Both devices are compatible and have their own specialities, so both offers are smart for smartphone hunters.

Author Bio:- This Post is writen by Maria Shehar Bano. She is writing for unlockiPhonezone.com. The company provides unlock iPhone 4s services. She is also writing for a web design company.

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