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iPhone, the Paragon of Technology

Technology has provided people a better place to live in. With the benefits that it brings,communications have become simpler to achieve. Cellular phones are toolsthat allowed people to communicate conveniently. However, people also moved faster due to the fast-changing landscape and technology has to cope with the needs of the people. Thus, cellular phones have been modified accordingly. One of the many gadgets that revolutionized the world of communications is the iPhone.
The iPhone is a smartphone. Smartphones are cellular phones that are equipped not only with basic functions but also provided everything in one small gadget, making it computer-like phones. The iPhone was invented by Apple, a US-based company. Apple is a company that specializes in making computers. They started their humble beginnings in a garage and turned themselves into computer magnates over the years. They are notable for introducing to the market the Apple product Mac, a laptop and computer brand.  These gadgets are known because of its performance and quality. In the mid-2000’s, they introduced the iPhone, a cellular phone that enables users to have all the basic necessities in one device and more.

Being basically a phone, the iPhone lets you call and sendSMS messages to friends. With the innovations of the modern age, iPhones have many things to offer. Because of the applications provided, the iPhone welcomes you into a series of activities. The iPhone has the capability to connect to the internet either through Wi-Fi or 3G. It lets you connect to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It allows you totake pictures and videos of good quality, considering that the camera has more than five megapixels to offer so that you can capture memories worth keeping. In addition, the iPhone lets you edit pictures and videos, something not all the phones can provide. Moreover, the iPhone lets you play games of different types and genres, from the most childlike games to the more serious ones. You can play Tetris, Fruit Slicer, or Temple Run in the palm of your hands wherever you go. Listening to music is a hassle no more. The iPhone lets you play the hippest music in a jiffy. If you want a change of applications, all you have to do is go online and download applications and songsof your liking.

The iPhone is used by people in all walks of life. Students use it as an online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia. Professionals have it as a means of acquiring information faster. Almost everyone uses it to be connected at all times, may it bethrough the internet or not. Due to the applications the iPhone provides, many people want to have one. The iPhone is also user-friendly. It has a large screen wide enough to put as much applications as one wants. Since the iPhone is also a touchscreen phone, those bulky keypads are nothing but history. Because of these, the iPhone has been one of the most desired smartphones in the world. In order to keep up with the demand of the market, Apple has released five iPhone models. This shows that Apple stands as a trendsetter in the smartphone market by providing quality phones.

Competition is normal in the smartphone market and thus should be dealt with caution and wisdom. The iPhone has been rivaled by Samsung, a Korean-based technology provider. Samsung is a company that has released a number of Androidseries phones, with the recently released Samsung Galaxy S3 as its flagship smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is marketed mostly in Europe and Asia, a market Apple wants to dominate as well due to its potentials. Even before smartphones were initially released to the market, both have accused the other of patent infringement. Both companies have filed a case in a Californian court. Just recently, the court has ruled in favor of Samsung. This puts Apple at a disadvantage because they are bound to publicly publish that the patent of the iPhone is an infringement of Samsung’s Android phones. However, Apple has already filed a motion for reconsideration still in California. The case is still ongoing.

Despite the challenges it has been through, the iPhone is still a popular device among people. The iPhone is a testament to Apple’s lifelong dedication to provide the best smartphones in the market. From its humble beginnings, the iPhone has been part of the modern era. It has made communication as convenient as possible. And since Apple is considered a trailblazer in the smartphone industry, it has been rumored that it will release the iPhone 5 soon. The iPhone will eventually take a leap of technological advancement and a giant leap to the modernization of mankind.

Author Bio:- GerommeTalampas, SEO Specialist in Philippines. I also Blog at Sineguelas.com about technology.

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