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iPhone Lens Dial a Pricey, But Cool iPhoneography Accessory

Not many would know, but there was a time when movie and television cameras had three lenses that the user could choose between. Though the entire photography sphere has undergone significant changes to transmogrify into the most advanced stage, one might still notice the reflection of grizzled mechanisms being infused into today’s modernistic concepts. One such illustration is the modified functionality designed by Photojojo for consumers who have Apple’s iPhone. Designed to provide iPhone users with the best experience with their camera, the newly developed iPhone Lens Dial adds three amazing rotating lenses to the smartphone for an uplifted interaction.

Featuring a simple yet highly functional layout, the new lens device enables mobile users to seamlessly capture pictures with either of three lenses – fish eye, telephoto and wide-angle lenses. Made out of aircraft grade aluminum, the slim 10oz clip-on case forays with two tripod mounts for either landscape or portrait shots. Users can simply benefit from the combination of three purposive lenses and turn the dial in order to swap lenses.

The attractive iPhone Lens Dial which boasts of a decent black finish has been equipped with 0.7x wide angle, 1.5x telephoto and 0.33x fisheye lenses – all designed by using the optical quality coated glass. If this particular accessory zooms on serious photography users, other novelties on the market such as Holga’s Lens and Filter Wheel can be utilized for simple usage purposes. The compact, tiny solution from Photojojo also gets rid of situations where a single lens is not efficient for the ideal shooting experience.

With telephoto, wide angle and fisheye lenses accommodated nattily on a single rotating disc, the new iPhone Lens Dial touts to deliver a surpassing experience put forth through any possible camera accessory. Users can simply rotate the disc of lenses and have their lenses switched with utmost convenience. Users may even appreciate the fact that the lenses are always at the ready.

The efficient pair of spectacles for the iPhone also helps users get nearly two times closer to their subject by using the integrated 1.5x telephoto lens. However, users need to ensure the accessory features compatibility only with the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Although the set of performance-driven lenses aims at making the whole photography simpler and better, the solution’s enclosure may disappoint somewhere by adding quite a bit of thickness and heft to your smartphone.

The new iPhone Lens Dial may sound as a more expensive deal than the on-contract iPhone itself, but people who seek photography with the ability to switch between the lenses are sure to find the deal a great pick. Perfect for any iPhone photographer, the neat looking toolset has started shipping now for a price tag that reads at $250. Though you may find the accessory’s price point drooling a bit towards the heavier side, as an iPhone user, you are sure to take a step closer to helping your smartphone transform into a more dedicated camera.

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