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IPhone Jail Breaking Explained for Newbies

While a very common term amongst the techies, “jail breaking” sounds like an illegal and highly technical thing to those who are not really familiar with the iPhone and jailbreaking. Many mistakenly believe it to be just another term for “SIM unlocking” that allows the users to use other company’s SIM in their Apple iPhone, the fact is that you can’t even unlock the device without jailbreaking it.

So, what exactly is “jailbreaking”? And how come this practice is so openly discussed on internet forums and communities even when it sounds so illegal?

To start with, jailbreaking is not illegal (remember that we are talking about iPhone jailbreaking and not the jail breaking in literal sense). IPhone jailbreaking is merely the term used for getting to the root file of Apple operating system (IOS) and twitching it to allow the users to download applications, music, or any other feature that otherwise is not available at Apple store.

Jailbreak guide

But then, there must be something wrong with the unauthorized applications?

While there’s a slight risk if you don’t exercise the due diligence, and start installing or downloading every other file that comes your way, still not all unauthorized applications are unsafe as such. There are many reasons for Apple to discard some application that can actually be helpful for the users, and that’s precisely the reason why users go for jailbreaking, so that they can use a plethora of applications and features that might not be available at Apple store.

What does Apple say about jailbreaking?

Not surprisingly, they are not cool with the idea (for obvious reasons) and they’ve tried to impose a ban, but so far they haven’t succeeded at it, however they’ve stated that the guarantee is void if the iPhone is jailbroken.

Tethered Vs. Un-tethered jailbreaking

Tethered jailbreaking requires the device to be attached with a PC or iMac and it is the more commonly used form of jailbreaking. On the other hand, un-tethered jailbreaking is not dependent on any such connection (hence the name, un-tethered).

To break or not to break

The decision is entirely up to you, jailbreaking would let you enjoy a bigger collection of software, applications, games and music, but it is nevertheless a little risky, especially the jailbreaking itself. Please note that while it will sound like a very common trend among Apple iPhone users (especially if you frequent those forums and blogs where geeks reside), but only 10 – 15% of users are known to be using this setting (according to a rough estimate).

Regardless of the decision you eventually take (about jailbreaking or not?) you should at least be aware of the term, and its pros and cons, if you are an Apple user, which you are now after having read this article.

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