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iPhone Apps for Professional Photographers to Create Astounding Images

The iPhone has given birth to a completely new concept of photography. This is possible because of the huge growth of creative applications that are distributed through the Apple’s iTunes store. A significant characteristic of these applications is their quality to transform the look and feel of analogue films into digital structure.

Photographers use plug-ins and special lenses to achieve the same outcome with professional cameras. While the iPhone applications are so closely incorporated with photo taking itself that there is hardly any need for further editing or add-ons. One amazing fact about these applications is that it can be downloaded easily from the store. Most of them are also simple to use. Some of the popular applications are

1# Hipstamatic


This Hipstamatic application converts the iPhone into a creative tool. There are different types of camera components such as flash settings, lens and film with which you can experiment with before taking a photograph. It is the bestapplication to imitate retro look. When you are prepared to take the picture, invest time to finalise the subject. A subject separated from the backdrop will give your photo desired outcome. One unexpected feature of this application is that if you move the camera before taking a shot, settings will be automatically fixed, offering a distinct look each time.

With this Hipstamatic application it is possible to take close-up photos. Such photography portrays a different perspective and offers a fresh way to look into things. If you have fun using this application, you can try another well-known application Instagram.

2# Instagram


Instagram is a tribute to the Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid camera. It is available with a full set of filters which you can rely upon to give your photos a final look. You can quickly share the processed images within Instagram community. The primary difference between Instagram and Hipstamatic is that you can use Instatgram to process photos already stored in your iPhone.

3# Pic Grunger

Pic Grunger

This application allows you to add different textures over your photos to make it appear faded. You can avail an extensive library of effects with this application. Pic Grungeris available with custom settings to strengths, borders and tweak styles. You can make use of your high resolution photo files and save them back into your iPhone camera roll. Sometimes contrast in photos can add drama to photos. Pic-Grunger will give your photos an old-fashioned look.

4# Tilt-Shift Generator

Tilt-Shift Generator

Tilt-shift lens do a fantastic job by adjusting blur, colour and depth. This has created a completely new genre of photography where real scenes appeared small. Such an effect can be achieved using your iPhone. The elegance and style of control will allow you to adjust contrast, brightness and the amount of blur. Make use of this application to photograph sceneries, especially when you have the desire to control the focusof foreground and background.

5# SynthCam


It is one such application that gives the feeling of using a highly technical, narrow-depth field lens. This application blurs the background and highlights the subject. It works while you are using an iPhone video function to grab multiple frames. The combined images are merged to develop a static photo with shallow field depth. You can really focus on a single spot and emphasize on the most interesting part of the frame using this application.

6# Plastic Bullet

Plastic Bullet

Like many other popular applications on the iPhone, this application Plastic Bullet will enable you to edit a photo already present in the camera roll or take a photo. It is very easy to use and offers you to select from a range of graded pre-sets. This application goes well with black and white images also.

7# SuperPopCam

SuperPop Cam

This application is the best tool when you taking snap of food. The built-in vivid colour enriches the colour of the photograph and makes it look vibrant and lively.

There are several other applications that are available in the iPhone store to make your photos amazing, dramatic and interesting. Continuous research and additions are done to enrich your photography experience. Keep track of these updates and made use of these applications so that your iPhone images are as per with professional camera shots.

However, basic training in photography is essential to click exceptional photos with a professional camera or with your iPhone. Today, it is not necessary to visit a photography class to learn things. You can learn valuable tips from photography books and dvds sitting back at your home.

Author Bio:- Tristan Taylor is a fashion photographer. In his latest articles on photography products available online he shares some interesting ideas and helpful resources on photography accessories. Tristan found Gulf Photo Plus extremely helpful to extract information regarding photography.

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