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IPhone Apps for Little Kids- Tec Teach!

The age is of technology. Everyone relies on technology for everything. Daily activities too have become massively dependent on the Smartphones. More and more people are bending towards the iPhone for any kind of lifestyle activity.

There are so many kinds of applications available in the market today.

The various kinds of apps are:

  • Business Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Lifestyle Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Mailing Applications
  • Educational Applications

Yes, even educational apps have made their way into the market.Since everyday lives aredependent on technology, parents and teachers are using iPhone apps as teaching aids. The popular educational apps available in the market today are:

Alpha Writer

Alpha Writer is a multi-level reading and writing iPhone application, ranging from teaching children the alphabet and moving on step by step to more complex levels of writing their own stories with words and pictures.

The principal idea behind this app is to be able to use the pre-emptive methods of writing to learn reading is Montessori’s method for teaching children how to read. The fundamentals rely on the fact that sounds are more important than spellings.


The Analogyis aimed at helping children to learn critical thinking skills. This app runs on the fundamentals of putting patterns together to derive the big picture. This is done to help kids establish relationship between object.

This app consists of special tests that can be self-administered. It also has IQ tests that you can take. This app keeps updating itself from time to time so that the tests always remain interesting and fresh. You can set the app to autoupdate mode, so that it keeps downloading the fresh updates.

Signing Time ASL

Signing Time ASL is a sign language app. With the growing sensitivity towards the especiallyabledkids, this application is designed for both kids and adults to learn sign language. This app helps your kids to develop community skills right from an early age.

This app is aimed at sanitizingpeople towards their responsibility along with giving them knowledge. It helps in developing the motor skills along with communication skills of your kids at a very early age for a healthy mental and physical growth.

Free Books

Free Books is an application that enables you to download more than 23,469 classic books. Although this app enables access to somany books for free, the app itself is tofree. This application can be downloaded on your iPhone for a nominal price for $1.99.

However, once you download this app with this one time app, there is no more money involved. This app helps you acquaint your child with the best novels and dramas written for kids. You can help youchild become well prepared with language and its nuances with this app.

Times Tables

I hated learning the times tables as a kid. I wish I had this fun app then. Times Tables is a children’sapplication that helps kids to learn multiplication charts easily. This app has many fun features which make the entire process of learning a fun activity.

It delivers the entire learning process as a game that allows them to create a scoreboardso that children can develop the competitive spirit. It also helps them to stop fearing math and accepting it as a fun filled subject.

Kids Money

Parents today want to teach the importance of money to kids. Kids today don’t value the hard earned money anymore so it is very important for parents to introduce this app at early ages itself. Kids Money is an app that teaches money management to kids in a fun filled way.

This is a digital game like pattern of using money to check how long kids can save money. This app includes features such as:

  • Monetary goal,
  • Allowance, and
  • Gift money

This app actually allows kids to understand how difficult to save money and once they grow up they can use this to bring this practice to real life and implementing tips to save money in real life.

Author Bio:- This article Written by Justin Depp, a 26 years old iPhone Developer from California, USA who love to Create iPhone App with great user experience and currently working with Appsknack – leading iPhone Application Development Company for all small businesses like Musicians, Medical, Sports & other Businesses.

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