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iPhone 5S: Fingerprint vs. Passcode

Many individuals are looking for ways to secure and lock up their phones by means of passcodes, combination lock applications and many more. On September, 10th Apple released the new iPhone 5S which provides its users with a biometric fingerprint reader that could easily unlock the phone with just a touch. At an event at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters, the new iPhone5S was presented with its new feature of a new sensor that was built in the home button that utilizes a laser-cut sapphire crystal with a capacitive touch sensor to take a high resolution image of its owner’s fingerprint which could be used to recognize it to unlock the phone.


Advantages of the Fingerprint mechanism

The new function of the iPhone 5S has many features. First off, it is secure because it is virtually impossible to guess unlike passcodes. All the fingerprint information is encrypted and stored well and secure inside the iPhone 5S A7 chip. Also, if you want to send a message to someone, you do not have to type in a passcode every single time. It is surely more convenient to utilize fingerprint access than have to type in your passcode every time you need to unlock the phone. It is definitely innovative, creative and fun to use your own fingerprints to unlock your phone.

Can something go wrong with the sensor?

With pros, there are also some negatives with this new feature from Apple. It can still be less secure because if someone does steal the entire phone, it is stolen period. It also depends on how the fingerprint was stored, which can determine if it was stored in properly or not. If the fingerprint was basically not stored in the right way, it still will not detect it even if it is the same fingerprint.

Pros and cons of using passcodes

Using a passcode also has its own advantages to consider. The obvious being that it does keep your iPhone more secure just like the fingerprint home button sensor. Another is that with the invention of the new home button sensor, utilizing both can secure your iPhone much more. But you have to remember to turn on your passcode option and also the fingerprint feature for securing your phone.

Some disadvantages of using a passcode is that IF you are using a passcode that is too easy to figure out and quite common, most people can guess it and unlock your phone by solely thinking of commonly used codes. These commonly used passcodes could be 1-2-3-4, 0-0-0-0-, 1-1-1-1, 5-5-5-5 and 2-5-8-0. The biggest con of passcodes is just when people use bad passwords.

How does the Fingerprint mechanism work?

Many of you might ask “How does this new feature of the iPhone5S work exactly? It utilizes a capacitance fingerprint reader which allows the fingerprint sensor to measure the minuscule differences in conductivity which is caused by the raised sections of a fingerprint and it then uses those measurements to create an image. Apple set in this sensor in the home button and also added a ring to turn it on and to help decrease signal errors.

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