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iPhone 5 Possibilities to Ponder

The iPhone 5 probably won’t be released until the final quarter of 2011. This allows all of us ample time to speculate what new features and tweaks will come with the new device, which we all for some reason assume will be called the ‘iphone 5’. Here are a few things that we can expect.


T-Mobile is Next

The possible buyout or merger with AT&T coincides with rumors of a T-Mobile iPhone in the works. A prototype has emerged that proved to be basically the same at the AT&T iPhone 4 but with a faster processor (1GHz A5 dual-core processor that is expected with new iPhone and is currently in the iPad 2). With a release not likely until September, there would be enough time to make this happen. T-Mobiles 3G/4G network is not much of a diversion from AT&T so the transition would be easier than with Verizon.

Voice Control

The iPhone originally gained fame by being a touchscreen, which raised eyebrows and people questioned the usability compared to the keyboard. Apple came out looking good but we can now expect to side step the whole ‘typing’ thing all-together. With the iPhone 5, don’t be surprised to hear people talking on the phone to send emails and text messages.


Facetime was a great new feature with the iPhone 4. It is limited though because you can’t use it with the cellular network without some workarounds, which are either inconvenient can put your phone at a security risk, depending how you use it. The iPhone 5 should come with facetime integrated with the network and it should be sweet.


The current 5 megapixel camera simply will not work the next time around. We can expect an 8 megapixel camera up next, probably a slightly better version than the one you see on the Evo 4G. It’s kind of surprising that the iPhone 4 did not have a better camera since Apple puts camera’s on everything. Everything that is, except the original iPad.

4G Network

Some have speculated that the reason the iPhone 5 was delayed was so it could be on the 4G network. While it may be compatible I don’t thing AT&T will be ready for the 4G network by the fall of 2011, meaning the iPhone 5 might be living in 3G land when released. My head says there is no way the 4G network is ready by then but my gut says Apple will pull this one out, making the idea of buying an iPhone 5 irresistible to everyone.

The iPhone 5 delay is a good thing because it will help the quality of the product and bring some variety to the device. More carriers, more memory and more options but on the streamlined iPhone; sounds good to me.

Author Bio: Jesse is the founder of RepairLaunch.com. They focus on iPhone repair and other Smartphone repair services that provide DIY tutorials and customer support for those with questions regarding electronics repair.

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  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    July 14, 2011, 2:02 pm

    Nice! I thought these are just supposed to be only rumors. Now I am wondering how much iPhone 5 will cost.. Thanks for the update!

  • Online Strategies

    July 6, 2011, 8:18 pm

    iPhone sets standards for other smartphones to follow.


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