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iOS 6 Business Features

With the upcoming iPad Mini and New iPhone/iPhone 5 launch, there’s reason to also be excited about iOS 6.  The new OS is rumored to be released on September 21, the same date as the highly speculated release of the new iPhone.

Business users have much to be excited about as iOS 6 comes fully packed with productivity features that will make it an even stronger competitor for the title of “best business phone.”  Here’s what professionals can expect from iOS 6:

Access Email Drafts Easily

Have you ever forgotten to send an email that’s in your drafts folder?  Apple’s quick fix provides a shortcut showing you all the drafts from all your accounts.  Simply tap and hold the new mail button to see all your draft messages.

Customize Notifications and Email Signatures

The Notification Center can also be customized to trigger different types of notifications when you have multiple email accounts. For example, you can forward messages to specific email accounts or change notification sounds to distinguish work emails from personal emails.  Finally, iOS users will also be able to create different email signatures for their outgoing emails.

Do Not Disturb Feature

The new DND feature blocks notifications during set times. This way, you don’t get interrupted when you’re sleeping or when you’re busy.  You can also allow the feature to accept calls from specific contact groups or VIPs and let calls go through if your contact calls back again within three minutes of the first call.

FaceTime over 3G

Receive FaceTime calls everywhere and in any device. iOS 6 now lets you use FaceTime via both cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

iCloud Tabs

Surf seamlessly from one iOS device to another.  iCloud Tabs integrates Safari across all your iCloud devices logged in the same account, so the same web browsing tabs remain open on each device.


Get added protection from apps that might access sensitive business data.  Now, apps need to ask your permission first if they want to gain access to your information. You can now also see which apps are “in the know” when it comes to your private information and which have accessed this information in the past 24 hours.  Using the settings, you can disable apps you don’t want fishing for your information.


Passbook keeps all your coupons, movie tickets, and boarding passes in one place. If you want to use your tickets, coupons, and passes, simply scan your iPhone or iPod touch. Passbook is also location-based. If you walk into an airport or store, it shows you the appropriate passes on your screen. It also notifies you of any changes in your flight.

Reminders Improvements

Reminders will now let you reorder tasks and can integrate with third-party apps.  Aside from setting reminders to call back contacts, you can also set iOS 6 to give you location-based reminders.  For example, a reminder can be sent when you’re on your way home from work.  You can also set a reminder to check your voicemail.

Selective Photo Sharing

Need to keep those party photos away from the prying eyes of colleagues? iOS 6 lets you choose which photos to share with a select group of people.

Send a Message When You Reject a Call

Can’t take a call when you’re in a meeting?  iOS 6 lets you send a pre-set message to your caller, so you can explain why you can’t take the call.  You also have the option to send a message or to set a reminder to give the person a call-back.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Finally, iPhone users will also get to benefit from turn-by-turn navigation features that Android users have enjoyed for quite some time now. Now, you only need your iPhone to direct you to your business meeting place.

Upgraded Siri

The new and improved Siri will be unveiled with better features. You can now use Siri to make restaurant reservations, launch applications, watch movie trailers, get the latest sports news, update your Facebook status, and tweet. What’s more, you can now link Twitter names to your contact list.  Mention any of your contact names in a tweet, and iOS 6 automatically translates the contact name to the corresponding Twitter handle name—a great time-saver when you’re engaging contacts on social media.

VIP mail filtering and notifications

iOS 6 lets you create a VIP list, so your most important emails will be easily visible.  You can also set your phone to send notifications when your high-profile contacts send a message.

Business users will find the new OS to be a huge improvement.  For more about the new iOS 6, visit the iOS 6 preview page.

Author Bio:- Nancy Perkins is a writer and a business and technology. She loves exploring and sharing new stuff, specially with gadgets.

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