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Introducing The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge [Watch Video Inside]

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is basically the main device offered in the S6 series. It is basically the designer version for the S6 and this automatically means that you are going to have to pay a premium price in order to get one.

We are faced with a smartphone that has 2 rounded sides. The design is quite innovative since it is the first device with dual curved display and does manage to bring in the very best screen you can get on a phone these days. There are not many differences between the specs between S6 and the S6 Edge but the feel is definitely different. We are looking at a device that is quite upper-crust, the one Android device that you do want to buy if you have the money.

The only real problem that you will see when you look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the price tag. We are faced with a device that costs around $100 more on average than the regular S6 while on contract and around $130 without a contract. You basically end up paying a lot for the design, which is definitely attractive and worth it for many.

One extra thing that should be highlighted about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is that the extra curved edges also offer extra features. At the same time, we are talking about a wider phone that is capable of shooting better photographs. One of the main reasons why people buy more expensive smartphones is the list of features included and the quality that is offered in the photographs that are shot. You can rest assured in the fact that this device will take wider pictures of a higher quality, which is definitely something that you will appreciate. If you have the money that is needed, do consider the S6 Edge.

Watch Video Below

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