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Introducing QuickHaggle.com- Help Yourself by Helping Others

I am very excited to introduce this very new and innovative community where people can exchange anything. It is the world 1st online exchange community providing users the facility to exchange services, skills, ebooks, currencies or products. The community is Free and anyone can post to find a perfect match for exchange deal.

The concept is new and it need explanation, so here i am going to explain the benefits of the community for the user.


1# Exchanging Your Service & Skill

Example 1:- If you have a service, for example you are a web designer and you need a video for your own website or for your client website. Instead of paying for a video you can post offer in the community to find someone who can create “videos” and at the same time he/she is interested in your web designing service.

This may look difficult to find a perfect match but as the community grows, more and more people with different skills will join and ultimately users will be able to exchange easily.

Example 2:- If you are a “content writer” and you are in need of a “ebook cover designer” to design cover for your upcoming ebook. Posting in the community will help you to find someone who can design a cover for your ebook in return of articles.

No need to pay, instead you can trade your service for service

Example 3:- You are a “SEO Expert” and you need the service of a “Social Media Expert”. Posting offer in the community will allow you to find a social media expert who can exchange his/her service in return of your search engine optimization expertise.

No matter how expensive your need is, you can find someone who may be also looking for service you are offering.

A “Wedding Planner” can exchange his/her service with “Financial Adviser“.

A “Financial Analyst” can exchange his/her service with a “Banker“.

A “Banker” can exchange his/her service with a “lawyer“.

A “lawyer” can exchange his/her service with “Wedding Planner“.

A “Entrepreneur” can exchange his/her service with a “Legal Adviser”.

This list can go on and on. Posting a offer in the community will ultimately help you to find what you need by helping others what they need.

2# Exchanging Your Product

Example 1:- You have a “iPhone 3GS” and want to exchange it with “Xbox 360“. Post a offer in “Smartphones” category to find someone who may be needing iphone 3GS agains his/her Xbox 360.

Example 2:- You have a “Dell” laptop and need “HP” in the same price range. You can post offer to find a user who may be looking for the same exchange.

No mater if one of the product price is higher then the other, you can always pay the difference to make the exchange successful.

Example 3:- You have a “Cybershot” camera and you need a “HP Laserjet Printer“. Posting a offer in camera category can help you finding someone who may be looking to exchange his printer for a cybershoot camera.

Example 4:- You have an “iPad” and want to exchange it with “iPod”. Posting a offer in the community will help you find the user who has an ipod wanting ipad.

This list can on and on, whatever you have can be exchanged in Quickhaggle.com for FREE.

3# Exchanging your eBooks

I am referring to the ebooks you have written or the ebooks you have rights and permission to pass on. In that case you can exchange a “SEO eBook” for a “Social Media eBook”.

A “Fashion” related ebook can be exchanged with a “Dieting” ebook. A “Computer Programming” ebook can exchanged with “PHP” or “Designing” ebook.

Just Imagine, what you have can actually give you more in return.

4# Exchange Your E-Currencies

One of the most problematic issue with e-currencies accounts are the transferability of the funds from one account to another e-currency account. For example if you have $100 in your paypal account and want to transfer it to moneybookers, you can’t do this unless you find someone who can help you by paying from his/her moneybookers account to yours.

Here is how QuickHaggle.com can help you in finding the user who can exchange e-currencies with you. For example paypal to moneybookers, moneybookers to paypal, paypal to liberty reserve, liberty reserve to paypal etc…

This list can go on and on, you just need to post a offer in the community and a user will approach you.

You are actually helping your self by helping others!

Lets begun the modern barter system and get what you need, and give what other needs.

Website:- http://www.quickhaggle.com/

Drop your comments and suggestions below.

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  • PrIyAnGsHu

    November 26, 2012, 8:37 pm

    Great new venture Bilal. This is a kind of quite innovative service. All the best buddy :).

  • Soniya

    November 26, 2012, 5:21 pm

    It’s very nice and informative idea . This is a very great site for exchange any thing.


    • Bilal Ahmad

      November 26, 2012, 6:55 pm

      Soniya@ Don’t forget to register on the site.

  • Srivathsan G.K

    November 21, 2012, 10:35 pm

    Seems to be a good useful website. it has exchange for everything. from physical goods to ideas etc. New one for me.


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