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Introducing Google+ Communities- You have to take the rough with the smooth

On Dec 6, Google added a new feather in its cap with its social networking zone Google+ which has been named as ‘Google+ communities’. This new feature can bring revolution in the world of the social networking. This is similar to ‘Facebook group’ where you have your own space of passions. Here you can easily share your interests in a more specific way throughout the web.  Vic Gundotra , senior vice president, engineering department of Google, mentioned in one of his blog posts that now you will get a gathering place for passions  with Google+ communities.

Let us recognize the smooth part of it first!!

Four types of communities can be identified such as

  • Public:  This is open to all i.e. where anyone can join and share any post.
  • Public Group: Here the post can be shared by the moderators only, but anyone is allowed to view them and share their comments.
  • Private group : here the members can be discovered by the search
  • Private Group : this is another group where the members are hidden from the search result

It can effectively replace the ‘Facebook Groups’ and even ‘Facebook page’ in the near future. So what can be the noticeable differences between Google+ communities and Facebook groups? There is an added feature of video in Google+ communities where you can begin a hangout video chat with the members of the particular community. This feature of Google+ community can easily attract more audience than the Facebook group.

The recent research done by Digital IQ Index magazines is revealing some interesting facts which I want to share with you all. A comparison of members of Google+ communities and Facebook Groups for the world renowned magazines is showing that Google+ communities  is gaining more and more members.

google + communities

User  friendly : The users  of the Facebook Group is basically surrounded with friends or family whereas the members of the Google+ communities can utilize it as a more personalized tool, created with common interests or relevant industries where all of them can share their views. For example , some of the famous communities may be created as ‘Technology’, ‘Social Media’ ‘SEO’, ‘Bloggers’, ‘Web Design’, ‘Photography’ etc.

Different Categories:  The communities can be segregated in different categories. These categories serve as a ‘community within a community’. This helps the users to focus on more specialized skills according to the categories. For example a community of photography can be categorized as under:

create google plus communities

Thus there is a space for amateur photographer in the ‘newbie’ area as well as a different space for the experienced photographers in different categories for specialized zone of photography. So there is an equal opportunity for various kinds of photographers to show their skills in various communities.

Easy Search method: Most of the communities are made public to the visitors. Thus the visitors can search them with keywords and ensure that they are joining the relevant community according to their passions.

You cannot avoid the rough part of it!!

Well, it is not only the bed of roses! The flaws of this new feature have been discovered too.

When you are creating a community, you will have to decide whether it is going to be public or private. Once you have created, you cannot alter or edit any modifications. If you want to make your community public from private, first delete the private one and then create a new community making it public from the beginning.

When you are sharing any post in different communities from your profile, it can make your profile look very crowded in a short span. Google will then give an option to share within the circle or within the community. You will then have to choose only a single option.

Taking the rough with the smooth!!

Though there are different limitations of the Google+ communities, the positive part is that you can make new connections through it.  As it is the hot cake just out of oven, you can create your own communities according to your interests. The facebook group members may not be the same users of Google+ communities. Thus you can explore a whole new environment of social relationship with common passions.

So just give it a shot to experience a whole new world of communities!!!

Author Bio:- Arpita Bhowmik is a SEO strategist and a proficient blogger who likes writing content on PPC tips, blogging tips, SEO tips and any trendy topic related to digital marketing. This is one of her unique articles that provide information about the latest update of ‘Google+ communities’ which can be a very helpful resource for all the seo companies.

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  • Rahul

    December 18, 2012, 9:21 pm

    very nice tips about google communities i read this article we can avoid this rough part and focus on its soft part thanks for sharing,.


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