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The Intersection of Science and Business – Infographic

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that there is a growing demand for big data, and this is forcing many businesses to reevaluate their current level of skill and competency in being able to harness this data and use it effectively.

Large organizations will generate vast amounts of data that is commensurate with their size and that is why they recognize the need to hire analysts with the skill necessary to be able to extract and then make sense of this data, so that its power can be suitably harnessed.

Business analytics is basically the intersection of science and business and this infographic aims to explain exactly what data analytics is all about and what relevance it plays in the running of a modern forward-thinking business.

There are plenty of examples available of just how successful data analytics can be, such as when the social medial networking site Linkedin, used this medium to generate a click-through rate that was greater than they had achieved with other similar advertising campaigns.

You may well wonder what a business analyst is going to do for your business and whether it will prove worthwhile or even if you can justify the expenditure, but when you look at the range of organizations who have already embraced the concept, they cover a broad spectrum, from retailers to tech and healthcare, amongst others.

You will also discover that a business analyst is a term that covers a multitude of different skillsets. You could have a business analyst or a market research analyst and although a basic understanding of business analytics is a common denominator, there are seemingly many ways of collecting and utilizing big data.

The Intersection of Science and Business
Villanova Master of Science in Analytics

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