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Internet Marketing: The Google Way

Online marketing is really important for any online business or for that essential online visibility. Unless it is done properly, it will be ineffective and with the algorithm updates your business or website could find itself on the pages of search results that just don’t get looked at. In order for the marketing to be effective, you need to take a few simple steps and ensure you are visible on page one.

Internet marketing comes in all different shapes and sizes, some techniques you may have heard of, and some techniques you might not have. The most common forms of marketing online are SEO, PPC, and website optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is search engine optimization and is probably the most commonly known part of internet marketing right now. This is achieved using a number of techniques from keywords, content, and link building.

Keywords are to be relevant to the content and the service or products provided by your online business.

Content is really important and, again, needs to be relevant. It also needs to be completely unique to have the desired effect.

Link building is to increase the number of ways users can reach your website. It is important that links are placed on sites that are also relevant to yours and in a way that they are included in relevant content otherwise users will bounce straight away. Having links on already popular sites is beneficial as Google will recognize that you are related to this popular site.

Pay Per Click

PPC is what it says on the tin. You will pay based on the number of clicks your link or advert receives depending on the method you use.

Local Ads come as you see them on a search engine – they are the ones that are in the top spots and pay to be there.

Social Ads make use of social media platforms and are used in conjunction with unique quality content to reach the millions of users they see each day.

PPC is a great form of internet marketing and reaching those you might not otherwise reach. There is great potential for growing any client base using social and local ads.

Website Optimization

Online marketing is not going to get you very far unless you use it in the form of website optimization as well. Your website needs to attract users, and keep them engaged once they get there. A website needs to be attractive and unique in order to stick in the mind of the user.

Web Design & Development is important to say the least. Having a website that is presentable, interesting, and in keeping with your business is vital. Your visitors need to be engaged when they arrive so they don’t click elsewhere.

Content, as previously mentioned in SEO, has to be unique, quality, and relevant. If you do not achieve this, then not only will you bounce visitors away, but you will also be seen by Google as irrelevant and therefore appear lower in search results.

Why is Online Marketing Important?

Internet marketing in the right way can be the difference between a successful site and a failure. The reason it is so important to do it right is because Google algorithm updates will recognize over optimized sites and send them flying lower down the search rankings. Google see this as punishing sites that are overly SEO’d. A site that is over optimized is one that has too many keywords and links. This is Google’s way of ensuring relevance and a fair playing field for those who are taking the more professional route and recognizing natural SEO routes.

There are many SEO companies and choosing the right one for you is really important because you need to be able to adhere to Google’s rule in order to be effective. Finding a trusted company who understands these rules will be highly beneficial and well worthwhile for your business or website.

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