Integrating Your TV with a Personal Computer

Updated October 6, 2023

Many people have a desktop or laptop computer and a TV that are technologically compatible with each other. The majority of TVs and computers made after 2007 have been manufactured with connectivity in mind. Nevertheless, it never occurs to some people that they can turn their TV into a media center and watch downloaded movies on the big screen by integrating the two of them together. Here’s a guide for how you can make this happen:

TV in PC

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Movies Images and Home Videos

In addition to downloaded movies, digital images of any kind and even home videos can be enjoyed this way. Those who need to purchase a new TV should look for deals on a TV that includes computer connectivity capabilities. This post will provide a guide for connecting your PC to your TV.

PC Requirements

Typically your desktop or laptop computer will have a Video card with a TV-OUT connector. The connection will usually be located in the back of the computer and integrated into your video card. A TV-OUT connector cable will need to be plugged in both devices to link them to each other. The cable often indicates which end of the line goes in and which one goes out. Generally you plug “in” to your TV set and “out” from your computer.

TV Requirements

Conversely, the TV set will need to have a compatible connector called a TV-IN connector, most likely if you have any type of flat screen TV you will hve this. Sometimes it is called a VIDEO-IN connector. A LINE-OUT connector will normally be needed for the Soundcard. The main thing to consider is that the type of ports on the computer and TV need to be compatible. In situations where the TV does not have the correct connector device, one can use a VCR and set the TV to the VCR channel but that can get complicated. Especially since most of us no longer have VCRs and if you do then its time to come out of your time capsul and upgrade.

Wireless USB

Another option which is a great solution when compatible ports are not available between devices is to connect the TV and computer wirelessly. This is a relatively easy-to-use technique for linking your TV and PC which requires a wireless USB PC-to-TV transmitter. One of the most important advantages of these transmitters is that they are compatible with virtually any kind of computer and television.

Easy Setup

As long as the computer has an available USB port, and the television has RCA audio and video inputs, you can connect them to devices and stream just about any type of content from the PC to the TV. Another one of the advantages of a wireless USB transmitter is that the installation and setup is pretty straightforward and can be done in a few minutes.

Media Center

By linking your computer to your big screen TV you can enjoy a huge assortment of online TV shows and movies instead of being limited to the channels currently available in the TV channels. Additionally, satellite radio stations can be accessed through the TV as well. Perhaps the most useful advantage of your new entertainment center is the ability to view Netflix movies on your TV’s big screen.

All of this can be accomplished by connecting your PC to your TV.

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  • I’ve been using the WDTV Live Hub for awhile, it’s great but I wish I could watch more TV on it.

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