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InsTube – Free Youtube Video and Music Downloader for Android

Instube free video downloader

All of us spend a large part of our mobile bills on data services. Have doubts? Well, according to research, mobile internet users spend at least 65% of their mobile bills on the usage of Internet data. The same research then goes on to cite that video browsing contributes to 65% of our total data usage. Put simply, browsing videos and listening songs on the Internet doesn’t come cheap.

So what should we do to decrease our expenses, I hear you ask?

Start using InsTube App. Yes, install this app in your smartphone, and you could free download videos, pictures, and movies from all Social Media platforms.  What’s more, acting as a music downloader, this app also allows downloading songs from Soundcloud. Consequently, if you have WiFi at home, you could download your favorite content at home to see it while you are away.

Sounds like a good idea to you? Want to know more about this app?

Scroll down.

InsTube: Most Important Features

In the previous lines, you just got a trailer for what this app has to offer. To fully know about the features this app has to offer, let’s take a look at its most important features.

Private and Secure (Has Video Lock Feature)

At a time when both Facebook and Twitter are up for selling your data to the highest bidder, you are right to think that there’s no such thing as privacy on the internet. But, then again, you haven’t heard of the InsTube app before, have you?

Once you use this app to download videos, it will ask whether or not you want to download those videos/images in a separate folder, a folder whose password you’ll set.

For this purpose, the app uses a feature known as video lock. As suggested by its name, video lock makes sure the files you have downloaded using this app remain separated from other files. Also, if you want, you can back up the downloaded files in cloud storage.

Hence, whether you want to anonymously download videos – or want nobody to access those videos once you have free downloaded them into your smartphone, this app will help.

Brilliant User Interface

Before coming here, you might have come across various apps which claim to download videos from the Internet. Tell me: wasn’t the interface of those apps truly hideous? Their horrible interface – one with a shady outlook and dim colors, might suggest to the layman that he’s doing something illegal by using the very app.

Luckily, as your first meeting with the app will suggest, it has a brilliant user interface. Once you open the app, a speed dial will open the homepage, show you various social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Hence, you don’t need to copy a specific video/image’s URL for the app to download it for you. Rather, all you need to do is to just open the app, click on the site from and download the audio/video/image you like. Isn’t it ridiculously simple?

Multiple Downloading Options

Let’s assume that you’re downloading a video song from YouTube. This app will give you two options to download it. First, if you are low on data, it will give you the option to download the video as a music file, hence shrinking the size of the downloaded file.

Second, if you have Internet data in abundance, it would give you at least 6options to download the file in video format. For example, it will allow you to download the video file in any of the 3GP, MP3, MP4, 360P. 480P, 640P, and 1040P formats.

Hence, provided you have internet data at your disposal, the InsTube Video Downloader App will allow you to save videos in the format of your choice.

Download Music from Soundcloud

I have a confession to make: before my paths crossed with this app, I was unaware of any app that would let me download music from Soundcloud. Hence, whether I wanted it or not, I had to spend a lion’s share of my internet data on listening songs from Soundcloud.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to suggest that this app was a godsend for me. In addition to allowing me to download videos from YouTube and songs from Soundcloud, it let me convert YouTube’s videos into MP3 files – files which consume much smaller a space in my smartphone, hence allowing me to download more songs from YouTube.

Hence, while this app is famous as a downloader, it also has a built-in converter which lets you change the format of videos downloaded from YouTube.


  • Comes for Free
  • Allows downloading songs/videos/images from more than 25social media platforms
  • Has a brilliant User Interface
  • Has a built-in converter for YouTube videos
  • Video Lock saves the downloaded files in a password protected folder


  • You’ll get addicted to it.


In today’s world when we have to undertake long bus rides, tube trips, and taxi voyages, there is no better way to kill time than to watch videos and listen songs on the Internet. However, as suggested at the start of this article, doing things on the Internet requires data, one which costs you a lot of money. Provided you don’t want to – or can’t afford to spend such amounts, you need the InsTube – Free YouTube Video and Music Downloader App in your mobile.