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Install your Favorite Firefox Add-ons at once-Fashion Your FireFox

This is very time consuming if you want to install more then 5 or 10 add-ons in your firefox, because installing add-ons one by one can take time.But you can save your time by using a handy and useful feature of firfox.  FireFox has a service called “Fashion your Firefox” through which you can install more then 5,10 or 15 add-ons at once. Select your Favorite Add-ons and then click on “Install Add-ons” button, and you will be redirected to another page, where you will see your selected Add-ons for installation. You can see a similar page in below screen shot.

fashion firefox-install add-ons at onceHow to Install FireFox Add-ons at once

Visit Fashion your FireFox page and select your required Add-ons. After selecting, click on “Install Add-ons” button located at the right bottom of the page. Now you will be redirected to another page (See the above Screen Shot) click “Install” button and you will see another page. Select the first option (I accept the term and condition) and click on “Install now” button.

Now you will see another screen, where all adds-ons will be installed at once. Wait for the completion and restart your firefox to make your add-ons ready for working.

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