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Instagram For Android – Key Features

Instagram, the 2011 App Store iPhone App of the Year, is now finally available on Android. Despite its initial launch on a single platform, iOS, Instagram has become in 18 months one of the most popular social start-ups of all time, amassing 15 million iOS users. Now that Instagram is available as a free download from Google Play, its userbase will likely increase by a few millions.

With Instagram you can take photos, apply cool filters to them, and then share them through social networks like Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Android users who grab Instagram will discover one of the most powerful platforms for taking and sharing photos that has ever been made. Key features include:

Image Filters

Instagram for Android comes with 18 image filters, some of which are nothing less than stunning. Filters let you change the tone of your photos, bringing out the best in them. Whether you want to cool the tones in a photo, or convert the colors into black and white, the filters will help you. What’s more, filters are great fun to use, and it’s partly because of them that Instagram has become such a hit.

Profile Tab

On the Profile tab you can see a gallery of the Photos you’ve uploaded to the network. In addition, you can also see the users you’re following, as well as the users who are following you.

News Feed

Showing recent photo uploads from Instagram users you follow, the news feed helps you keep an eye on the latest photos your friends have taken. You can favorite the photos you like the most.

Popular Tab

While the News Feed keeps you updated with your friend’s photos, the Popular tab helps you discover the best photos captured and shared by the Instagram network. Most of the photos that make it into this tab are simply fantastic.

News Tab

Through the News tab you can check out the latest comments and likes of users from the Instagram network. This tab is useful in that it helps you discover new users to follow with the Feed.

Unfortunately, there are two Instagram for iOS features that are missing in the version for Android, at least for the time being:

  • The live preview of a filter before shooting a picture – if you’re used to playing around with filters before shooting, you’ll be a little disappointed.
  • The tilt shift/blur feature with which you can blur selected areas of a photo, such as the background.

Instagram for Android uploads a photo even before it’s done being edited, making the upload fast, and the photo-sharing quick and easy.

To use Instagram for Android, you need to run Android 2.2 or higher, and have around 17MB of free space on your smartphone.

Ultimately, despite the missing live preview and tilt-shift/blur feature, Instagram for Android has been ported successfully, and is likely to be almost as popular on Android as it is on iOS.

Author Byline:- The post is authored by Jason Phillips. You can learn digital and conventional photography tips from him irrespective of the fact you are beginner or a professional. Visit his site to know more on corporate video production and video marketing.

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