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Inspired Marketing with Inspirational Quotes on Pinterest

Lately the regular fare of mouth-watering pictures of food dishes and dazzling painted nails over at Pinterest have been joined by an entirely new trend: Inspirational quotes.

It may appear to be an unlikely fad by the standards of the social website – but due to their popularity, Pinterest decided to create an exclusive ‘Quotes’ category back in July. Recent figures from Repinly.com have shown that from that point in time the category has accounted for a steady 10% of its traffic.

Needless to say considering the sort of traffic that flows through Pinterest on a daily basis, 10% is no laughing matter. And any marketer quick on the uptake will instantly recognize that there is a new sort of opportunity here for some inspired marketing.

New Trend, But Still the Same Pinterest

Although it may be a new trend, it is important to remember that it is still Pinterest and as such even a trend that focuses on words needs to be visually dressed up to garner any sort of attention. In short, presentation is everything.

When it comes to quotes, this means that it needs an attractive typeface, suitable formatting, and possibly even some sort of backdrop.

Apart from the normal cursive lettering as well as big and bold block letters, some Pinterest users have been a little bit more creative and utilized snapshots of tattoos, photos of hand-written quotes on whiteboards, and even the occasional ‘ransom note’ lettering cut out from magazines.

But even though the appearance of the quote is crucial, its content is just as important as well.

Quotes That Inspire and Stand Out

Part of the problem with inspirational quotes on Pinterest is there are so many already there that many of the more popular quotes such as “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), “Keep Calm and Carry On”, as well as “Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to No One” have been rehashed one too many times.

To stand out and inspire, quotes on Pinterest now need to be fresh.

At the same time, it helps when the quotes themselves come from a recognizable and well-known source. Some of the more popular quotes out on Pinterest right now hail from famous people such as William Shakespeare, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein.

Of course, if the message is strong enough and hits the right chords it sometimes doesn’t matter who actually said it.

Making the Most of a Quote

From a marketing standpoint, the idea behind a fresh and well-presented quote is the fact that it could spread virally throughout Pinterest and maybe even beyond it.

The impact of a single quote that is re-pinned, shared, and liked multiple times over can translate into a huge burst of traffic and exposure that can be used to boost any marketing effort.

Furthermore, certain niches can even be directly linked to these quotes; such as any niche that requires inspiration. Some that may instantly spring to mind include weight loss, dating, stress management, making money online and of course motivation.

It may take a little bit on inspired marketing, but the potential of a single inspirational quote is nothing less than staggering.

Author Bio:- This Guest Post is by Akshay Jain from GetPRed.com representing IT company, making business processes simple and affordable.

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