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Inspiration from the Greatist Daily – Top 3 Things to Learn

One of the best email marketing newsletters that you can get inspiration from is the Greatist Daily. Everything about this newsletter is spot-on which makes it such a joy to go through every time it arrives in the inbox. The Greatist Daily mostly focuses on 3 key niches: health, mental wellbeing and fitness. Most likely, you also write about these categories. If you do, you can get some great ideas on how to write your own effective email marketing newsletter. Even those who are in other niches will get valuable information just by looking at the Greatist Daily.

The following are the key areas that put the Greatist Daily head and shoulders above its competitors.

Relevant subject lines

When you receive the Greatist Daily, one of the first things you realize is that the subject line is very relevant to the content inside the newsletter. There is simply no room left for guesswork in the subject line; you clearly know what the newsletter will cover. This is great because you can decide to either read it immediately or put it off until you find enough time to go through it. You too should take a hint from this and make it a point to only write relevant subject lines which tell your prospects what your email marketing newsletter will cover that week. An example of a relevant subject line is “How to Beat Office Stress.”

Consistent layout and content

Another area where Greatist Daily shines is when it comes to the general layout and content. You will observe that they don’t go for a fancy header; they only use the logo and a single word, “Daily.” Underneath it is a catchy tagline: “Choose better. Be a Greatist.” This should tell you that the easiest way to produce a successful email marketing newsletter is by using a simple layout and a catchy tagline. When you get to read the rest of the Greatist Daily, you will realize that the content is written in an easy to understand way and there aren’t many graphics to blind your eyes. All this makes for such an interesting read.

Use of cliff notes

Rather than display all the information from their articles, most businesses only hand you a snippet of it. This therefore means that you have to click “Read more…” if you want to see the rest of the content. One therefore gets a bad feeling that you are being forced to go to their website in case you want to read the rest of the content.

Greatist Daily knows that customers don’t like being forced to do such things and this is where they have come up with an innovative way to display their content. Rather than cut their articles halfway and leave you confused on what the article is all about, they summarize for you the main point and then give it to you in form of cliff notes. This implies that before you click on the article, you will already have found out what it is all about and made up your mind that you really want to read the rest of the information.

By tailoring your email marketing newsletter the Greatist Daily way, you will have made a huge step in creating an effective newsletter that your customers can’t get enough of.

Author Bio:- Janice Thompson is a guest post contributor despite career changes and moving to a different state. She is sharing her knowledge about email marketing newsletter by this content.

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