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Increase Your Blog Rankings Naturally and In Person

Sometimes the power of people gets lost in streams of data, the fight for Page Rank, and the climb to the top of the blogosphere. You forget that people are more than just a unique IP address and that they can do more than a hundred PPC ads. What you lose when you forget that is an opportunity to network with the people who care the most—your friends and family. They’re a lost resource for many bloggers that could be the key to building a solid foundation for their sites.

increase ranking

Make the most of your existing, real-life networks to increase your rankings naturally and rise to the top.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your blog

Blogging is a huge part of many people’s lives, but they rarely talk about it. Either that or they talk about it too much and drive potential readers away. The line isn’t that hard to tread, though. If something comes up in natural conversation that you’ve blogged about, go ahead and mention your views and that you posted about it on your site. Thanks to the popular media, the word ‘blogger’ can have a slightly nerdy or negative stereotype. If you want to avoid this at work and in your social life, call it a website instead of a blog. Once people check it out and see the quality content and lack of government paranoia, introduce the idea that it’s a blog.

Talking about it has another added benefit than just gathering readers. At work, you can also get other professionals from your company to guest post on your blog. If you’re a student, you can tap into your program to find other people interested in a subject. Hobbyist bloggers can also look at their social circle to find writers interested in participating in the online conversation.

Attend events

Never be afraid to attend an event with a business card in hand. Even if you’re a video game blogger going to Comic Con, it’s still a good move to go prepared. You’re going to get into conversations with people who are going to be interested in your viewpoint, and it’s a great time to hand them a card with your website on it. Leave personal information (other than your name and the e-mail associated with the blog) off of it so you’ll feel comfortable giving it to a complete stranger. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money into them, check Vistaprint.com, which frequently offers 250 business cards for free.

Become an expert

When you’re at an event, show off your expertise in your area. It’s going to set you up as a reliable source that people are going to want to follow. When people are following your blog and are excited about it, you’ll see results in rankings. They’re going to be talking to their friends, co-workers and social networks about you in a positive, personal light. Become recognized by writing for professional journals and submit guest articles to the top blogs in your area. You want to be as visible as possible, and that may mean writing some pieces that never get published.

Author Bio:- Jesse Langley lives near Chicago. He divides his time among work, writing and family life. He writes on behalf of Colorado Technical University and has a keen interest in blogging and social media.