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Increase The Speed of Your WordPress Blog Using 3 Plugins

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You can get lots of useful suggestions for increasing the speed of you website from sites such as Pingdom or WebPageTest. There are also some popular plugins that work with the Firebug add-on for Firefox. Most notably Google’s Page Speed and Yahoo’s YSlow all of which offer numerous way to make your site even faster.

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increase wordpress speed

These tools will give you advice such as combine external CSS and JavaScript, turn on GZip compression and leverage browser caching. Of course this is just an example and there are many more suggestions for increasing the speed of your site. But what if you are not that technically minded? Maybe you setup a blog because you enjoy writing but now realise that a faster site will be beneficial for your readers.

Well fortunately there are some handy plugin that you can install for WordPress in order to make your site that much faster. First of all the PHP Speedy plugin by Acid Drop will take care of a lot of suggestions that may be made from speed diagnosis tools. This includes minifying, combining and compressing CSS and JavaScript files as well as GZip many components and much more.

Secondly a plugin such as WP Super Cache will generate an HTML version of your pages for quicker loading and less server loads. Additionally W3 Total Cache is a popular plugin that does a similar job and worth trying as an alternative to WP Super Cache if needed.

Finally a plugin such as WP Smush.it will reduce the size of the images on your site thus making it run faster. Uncompressed images can be one of the biggest drains on web server resources and as such significant increases in speed can be seen when using an image compression plugin on a site with many images.