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Increase a Laptops Battery Life in 7 Tips

If you’re laptop battery drains within an instant, you can increase your laptop’s battery life by following this step by step tutorial.

1. Dim the laptop screen brightness. There should be a short key on the keyboard such as Fn + Brightness icon. If you do not have this key, you can navigate go to Start > Control Panel and reduce your screen brightness from there. The brightness takes up a huge percentage of your laptop’s battery life, since it’s usually a LED Backlight display.

2. Cut down on applications. Don’t listen to music, watch a movie or have a CD/DVD in the disc drive as they are massive battery drainers. Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del to see which apps are taking up the most memory and kill their process if you don’t need them open. This will reduce the amount of RAM and stress on your computer, causing it to use up less resource and battery life.

3. Defrag your drive. Defragging your hard drive pushes all your data closer together, so they’re easier to access for your laptop. Files all over the place make the drive work harder to locate them, therefore using up more battery life. To defrag your hard drive, navigate to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragment. You can also use a better defragment software called Auslogics Disk Defrag.

4. Mute your laptop’s audio if you do not need it, since using the speakers obviously uses up battery life. Every little step helps!

5. Use a lighter anti-virus program, such as ESET. Some Anti-Virus programs use up more RAM and resource than some anti-virus programs, so a more streamlined anti-virus will help your laptop last longer.

6. Disable your laptop’s bluetooth, wifi, webcam if you are not using it as they require power. Wifi takes up the tonnes of battery, so if you’re not using it (you’re obviously using it now) then turn it off.

7.  Unplug USB devices such as your iPod or USB Mouse. You’re iPod automatically charges when you plug it in via USB and where do you think it’s getting that power from? You’re battery, of course.

We hope that these simple tweaks help you get more minutes out of your battery. The last resort is to buy a battery with higher cells. Most laptops come with a 6-cell battery, so try and buy a 9-cell or higher battery.

Author Bio:- Ash is a 14 year old technology blogger who writes techtips on TechTeen.net. One great post of his is a guide to speed up windows.

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