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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

There are mainly two different ways to market your products or services. Either you can go to the customers and motivate them to buy your products or avail your services or you can make your customers come to you and asks you to sell them your products or benefit them with your services. The first described way of marketing is called outbound marketing and the marketing technique that is described after that is called inbound marketing. In simple words, when you try to reach out to the customers then it is called outbound marketing and when your customers reach to you then it is called inbound marketing. In both ways, you are making sales and increasing your business but the question that you should ask yourself is that; which one is best?

Best marketing strategies

Keeping in mind that both of these marketing strategies have their own importance, we can still determine the best of these. I personally believe that the outbound marketing is really annoying for customers. If you don’t believe me then you can call to a customer and try to sell a product to him. You may need to call hundreds of customers before you actually make a sale but if a customer calls you who is interested in your product then you can make a sale very easily to him. This is how inbound marketing is different from outbound marketing and better as well.

Outbound marketing

I would not go far enough to say that outbound marketing is going to die very soon but this is fact that customers are trying to use different ways to block these marketing calls, emails and text messages. How can you expect some customer to be interested in your products or services when he is receiving two dozen telemarketing calls and many marketing SMS messages as well? Customers are so mad at times that they don’t seem to pay attention towards what you are saying and may even insult you for no good reason.

Inbound marketing

On the other hand if you will go for inbound marketing then you will also find such customers that are willing to buy your products or use your services. Let’s say that you have a website at which you sell some products. There are two ways to bring customers to your website. One way is to send emails to different people or subscribers about your website and products that is definitely outbound e-marketing and the other way is to do proper SEO of your website so that those people that are searching for your products or services can easily find you on the internet. Statistics have shown that those websites that are depending on inbound marketing are not only making quality sales but their customers are happier than those websites that are trying to reach out the customers and make them buy stuff from them.

Let the customers reach to you and make yourself available for them. This is what you have to do in inbound marketing and success is on your way. So, I can say that inbound marketing is way better than the outbound marketing.

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  • adil

    November 19, 2011, 9:12 pm

    Good article. It made me think differently for my 1st blog. The summary is that we as a seller should present things that it attracts the customers and they become agree automatically to buy the Product/service.


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