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In Search of the Best Proxy Servers in India

Trying to look for the best proxy servers in India won’t be easy unless you take the right steps. There are a lot of these servers to be sure, but how do you know which ones are the best? Here are some suggestions.

Proxy Lists

One of the most effective techniques is to use server lists. You can find these easily enough using Google or another search engine. However, there are some things you have to consider. First, there are a lot of lists out there. You can literally spend days just going through them. You can make things easier by picking servers in the country or as close to it as possible.

Google Blogsearch

You can try searching via Google Blogsearch. Not only are the results extensive, but blogs often having fresh new content. One of the problems that users face is old lists. By searching on blogs, you can check the date of the list.

Whether you use a blog search or a regular search engine, it’s a good idea to bookmark as many of these as possible. The number of Internet users is growing in India, so traffic can be heavy. These lists usually contain dozens if not hundreds of servers. With several lists, you can pick and choose.


Another place to look are forums. There are several discussion boards on the Internet that focus on this topic. These communities can help you find the best proxy servers in India. One of the advantages of forums is you can interact with members. You can post a question and ask for the latest proxies.

Some of these discussion boards require membership (sometimes for a fee, sometimes free). What you get are regularly updated postings of available servers. The best ones provide daily updates, or at least weekly. There are many forums of this kind on the web. You just need to look for those that focus on India.


A lot of these servers are free, but a few are paid. The benefit of paid servers is they are reliable. However, many free sites are becoming steadier. If you have never used these before, study them first. Every server will claim they are the best. Give each one a shot first. You should also have an antivirus scanner, just to be sure.

Also remember that systems can slow down. This can happen if the server is very popular. You can try accessing at a different time. Or you can try another server from the list provided by the website or forum you visited.

Why Use These Servers?

There’s a reason why these servers are very popular in India; they allow you to surf the web anonymously. You don’t have to worry about some website tracking your activities.

Another reason of course, is you can use these servers to browse blocked sites. Offices and schools usually block social networking sites and other websites. They install firewalls to prevent access. Filtering software is used and your computer’s IP address is monitored. Anonymous servers give you access to those sites.

As you can see, trying to look for the best proxy servers in India is not easy. You need to be patient. The best approach is to get a list. You can then choose from the many severs in case the first option you pick is busy.

Author Bio:- Matt is a free lancer writer of www.megaproxylist.com/ and www.atproxy.net/

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