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Improve Page Speed by Replacing Embeded Videos with Play Thumbnails

If you upload videos in your blog then you probably may have notice that it effects the loading speed of the pages. Although the videos are hosted on external servers like Youtube and Vimeo but still when the page is loaded, it takes extra time for the browser to grab the embeded video from the external server. Your browser communicates with the external server to download the video and load in the browser which ultimately effects the page speed.

Click to Play Thumbnail

To improve the loading speed you can simply link the video to a thumbnail with “Click to Play” button. Once the video is linked with a picture viewers can simply click on the thumbnail to load the video. In this way the page will not take longer when loading initially. Specially when there are more then two videos this simple tip can improve the page speed significantly.

How to Replace Video with Click to Play Thumbnail?

For WordPress users there are plugins that can be installed to achieve this.

1# Lazy Load for Videos

Download  Lazy Load for Videos WordPress Plugin. Install and Active. Now yon can easily display a thumbnail for a video with Play button. Make sure to empty the cache and update your existing articles with videos to make the plugin applied correctly on the posts. This plugin works for Youtube and Vimeo Videos.

LazyLoad for Videos

2# WP YouTube Lyte

The WP YouTube Lyte is similar to the Lazy Load for Videos which can be used to embed videos with click feature. The video will not load until the Play button is clicked. The videos looks like normal youtube embedded videos but will not load untill the play button is clicked. Thus improving your page speed.

These are the two plugins you can use to replace your youtube or any other hosted video with a Click to Play thumbnails. That can significantly improve the loading time of a webpage.

If you are not using wordpress then you will need to manually add php code in order to achieve this. You are not a coder then you can hire someone on Fiverr.com, oDesk or Freelancer to get this done.

Do you know about any other similar plugins? Let me know in the comments section.

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