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Important Steps Involved In Internet Marketing Plan

Internet marketing involves a series of activities which are performed mainly by internet marketers with the aim of increasing web traffic. Internet marketers make use of both the offline and as well as the online methods to direct traffic to a website. The method also involves analyzing the outcome of the internet marketing strategies and then modifying the process if required. This is done to stabilize the Return on Investment (ROI) as much as possible in addition to creating a social network on the World Wide Web.

internet marketing plan

The Steps Involved In Internet Marketing Plan

The various steps involved in internet marketing plan are:

1. Online research and assessing your website – The very first step involved in the plan is creating your own website. Other than creating the website you will also have to do on-line research in order to find out other online businesses of your type, who your main competitors are and what the most popular products and services among the people. You should then compare and asses your website in comparison to the other websites that you have surveyed online.

2. Article addition – The next step involved in internet marketing is adding articles to your webpage. You can either write some articles on your own or if required, you can hire some professional content writers to produce articles for your website (this will however depend on your budget).

3. Creating a blog – Creating a blog for your site is another important step. A blog allows you to share your ideas with the people and mainly your customers around the world. After your blog gains in importance, you can link the blog to other good blogs having relevancy with the services and products you offer.

4. Promoting the website – Promotion of your website through the various social networking sites like Linkedin, Tweeter, Facebook and Digg, etc. Signing up with these social networking sites generally comes for free. Create a profile or page of your own in these social networking sites and add others onto it. Most of the people around the world use social networking sites. So, let all the people know about the products and services that you offer.

5. SEO optimization – Last but not the least important strategy involved in internet marketing Search engine optimization or SEO. It is the procedure of improving the ranking of your website in the various search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google to name a few. Search engine optimization improves the ranking of your website so that the visitors can easily find it. Thus it helps in improving traffic to your website, thereby stabilizing your ROI.

Other than following the above steps, you should also continuously monitor and better the performance of your website if required. This can help you a lot in successfully running an online business.

Author Bio: Neil Adam is a writer with immense knowledge on internet marketing.

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  • Bligbook

    January 10, 2011, 3:51 pm

    great points….i was following only 2 of them, but now realized the importance of others also…


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