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Important On Page Optimization Facts after Major Updates

SEO or search engine optimization is getting mysterious day by day because of some quality update of major search engines. Now if we want to grow popularity in SERP then we have to optimize our sites through quality and unaffected way. So, let’s talk about some on page optimization facts that need to be clear in our mind.

1# Meta Tag

Meta tags are identity of a web page in search result. Meta title and meta description is most significant and we are going to talk about only two objects. Meta keyword is not vital because Google and Yahoo don’t read this tag.

  • Meta Title- Meta title should be meaningful and short which able provide a short but perfect info to visitors and that must be between 140 to 180 characters. You should attaché your main keyword of that page in starting of title and you can also use your secondary keyword in middle or last.
  • Meta Description- This should be complete in 2 sentences and must be between 240 to 280 characters. The main keyword of that web page must repeat one time or 2 time repetition would be the best in entire description.

2# Footer Links

I want to explain this in one tag line “Same hypertext with same hyperlink in one web page is not allowed/harmful”. Mostly web masters do one major mistake while optimizing a web page and that is same hypertext with same hyperlink. For example we usually put same menu bar in footer (same text with same link) that is really harmful and can badly affect to your site in ranking.

3# Quality and Fresh Content

Content is main or most informational part of a webpage where you can elaborate your services or whatever which you want to share with that site’s visitors. So, your page content must be unique and informational but try to maintain your keyword density between 3 to 6 %. Also preserve text and html ratio which should be above 30 %. Through this sub heading at last but not the least I would like to pass most information thing and which is“don’t copy a single line for pasting that in internal page”.

4# Open Java Scripts

If your web page which has been optimizing by you has open java scripts in html coding then put that all scripts in a JS (java script) file. Open java scripts can be a strong breaker between spiders and your web page while crawling.
5- Heading Tags-For a web page H1 tag is most important because that can elaborate about entire page and would be helpful for that person who is searching any exact thing. I will suggest you that put your H1 tag to less space of(in html coding). In a web page first of all H1 tag comes then others so don’t forget this to apply for your web page.

6# Internal Linking

Usually we do internal linking for sending visitors and spiders also to internal or important pages. Through internal linking visitors find out whatever they are looking for and spiders find out an important page for indexing.

Author Bio:- ShubhamTiwari is author of this post and has vast knowledge about SEO services in India, Google updates, SMO Services India and other things.

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