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Important Android Tasks You Can Enjoy

Seeing the launching of the Android cellphone excites a lot of us. Seeing it makes us want to immediately get hold of that cellphone. But once you get a hold of it, you suddenly realized that it doesn’t fit you. It doesn’t fit you because you are not a techie person who can easily catch up with things like technology. You will get disappointed not because the cellphone wasn’t what you expected to be. It is actually more than you ever wanted but it’s only too complicated for you to use. If you are one of these people who are facing this kind of problem with your Android cellphone, then you must continue reading this article to give you a solution to your problem.

Here are things that you needed to do to help you with your problem. First is to get a hold of a full Android manual. You can get this from the Motorola website. Verizon also have a site of the full manual of Android. Once you found the full manual, you can either download it or have it printed to be able to read it and study it. This manual is one step to letting you figure out the things that you needed to know when having an Android cellphone.

Playing around with your cellphone, pressing every button if you need to, can help you explore and discover new things about your cellphone. You’ll be able to get to know the functions of the keys, playing with the widgets can let you explore what is the purpose of the application in your cellphone.

Organizing your cellphone applications can be of help too. You can do this by putting all the important applications on your home screen so that you can easily access to it whenever you want. Turning on the display of battery monitor is a great application tool for you to easily check the percentage of battery remaining and if your cellphone already needs charging.

The system of this cellphone, the Android System, has multiple information system. It actually has all kinds of information system, and you can easily uninstall an application that you don’t like from your cellphone with the help of the information system.

Another thing that you must do is to have security software. It will help you locate your cellphone if it is stole or lost, and it can also backup the files from your cellphone if there are important files that you needed. Lookout is on application for security software. It is a free application and still offers the feature of locating your cellphone when lost, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You need to check out the marketplace and find a good application for you that you think might help you in using your application or might let you enjoy your cellphone’s performance even more. To help you in choosing which application to purchase, check out if the application has about four rating stars. Less than four is not a great application. There are also comments and reviews that might help you too.

You have to learn how to transfer music to your cellphone. And lastly, install a Google Chrome browser to your cellphone to enjoy web browsing through your cellphone. Once you know and have all these applications, you can then be considered a real user of Android cellphone.

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