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The Importance of Trust in Online Services

Trust Online Service

By the end of 2016, over 3.4 billion people – almost half of the world’s population – were connected to the internet (according to Internet Live Stats). At the same time, the number of people using their smartphones to access the internet has grown to around 2 billion by the end of last year. This means that our world is now connected at an unprecedented level – and these numbers are set to grow in the coming years. At the same time, the number of people shopping and transferring money using the internet has skyrocketed, too – paying the bills and ordering groceries online has become the new norm for millions of users. This also increases the importance of security online, too – after all, the information these users share online has to be protected from people who want to use them for profit. People need to trust the online stores they buy at and the service providers they pay to, which is easy in the case of companies with a history, like All Slots Online Casino, but can be a bit harder for newly emerged companies. The importance of gaining and maintaining the trust of the internet users has become more important than ever.

Credibility and trust online

Online security has become vital for any online company in an age where more and more of our personal information is online. News of cyber attacks are becoming more frequent – not even major tech companies like Apple are safe (remember the iCloud hack from a few years ago).

There are companies that routinely handle their customers’ payment information for years. For them, their users’ trust is vital – nobody would choose them if their data wasn’t safe, after all. The above-mentioned All Slots is one of these examples. For it, security is especially important – its very survival depends on it. The All Slots runs under a license issued by a very severe EU-based licensing authority that has very specific – and strict – requirements for user security. Its servers are located inside secure data centers (often with armed guards) and are protected by the most trusted encryption methods available today. After all, it’s the users’ money and personal information that it needs to protect.

Credibility has become one of the most important assets in today’s online world – and companies should go to lengths to maintain it.

How to be a credible online company

Sticking to your policies is one of the most important factors to enhance your credibility online. As an online retailer or a service provider, you have to make your terms and conditions clear from the start and stick to them by all means, even if it means that you lose money. Be very responsive, especially if your customers come from all over the world. Maintaining a customer support service 24/7 might be an extra cost but it can truly boost your credibility in the long run.

Certification and membership in trusted professional associations can also help your service become more credible. By getting certified by the Better Business Bureau, for example, can boost your customers’ trust in your practices, and perhaps even convince them to purchase more often from your online store.

And by all means, actively seek out any criticism about your brand on social networks and forums, and make sure to address any and all issues and complaints that might appear. This way, your customers will be convinced that you care about them

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